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Web-chat with the US Embassy in Ukraine
On the 14 th of April 2009 on the initiative of the US Embassy in Ukraine, particularly of the specialist for Academic Education, Public affairs Department Vera Ternovska and International Department of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskyi State Polytechnic University, with the support of Bureau for International Information Programs (Washington, USA) and Computer and Information Systems Department of KSPU a web-chat took place on Students life between the group -06-1 of our university and Anaida Haas, employee of US Embassy in Ukraine, it aroused a keen interest by both sides. Students showed an interest in opportunity to communicate with the fresh from the American university, of about the same age. They found out what literature is popular among American youth, students took an interest in different questions concerning students life in American universities, academic activities and employment problems of young specialists, graduates of higher educational institutions in USA.
Anaida Haas told about herself and the university she studied in and showed students the photos of that university and cheerleading group backing university football team Vikings, our students started looking for Anaida on those photos with cheerleading girls, but in vain unfortunately she was not on those pictures. Students from KSPU also had an opportunity to tell about our university and invite Anaida to visit Kremenchuk if she gets a chance to do that.

Since students were interested in exchange programs and education in US particularly, Anaida told us about education possibilities in America and gave very useful links and instructions. And finally she made a special note of students English skills and asked them about their plans for the future: where they are going to work on graduating from the university.
By the way Anaida is planning to visit as many as possible Ukrainian cities, so it is quite possible that she will pay a call to our city and get another chance to meet and talk to our students in person.