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Internship and participation in the International Week in Lithuania
On March 03-10, 2019, representatives of the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University Inna Khovrak (Department of Accounting and Finance) and Maryna Bilyk (Department of Tourism) took part in the International Week (University of Applied Sciences, Vilnius, Lithuania).

For students of the Faculty of Economics, Inna Khovrak held a course University Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development, and Maryna Bilyk held a course Global Trends in Renewable Energy. Teachers from more than 25 countries shared experiences and knowledge with students and colleagues.

The rich and interesting program of the International Week included lectures, workshops, discussions and study visits to educational laboratories. During the visit, it was possible to hold working meetings and outline the prospects for cooperation in the development of joint international projects in the field of education and science. The intense International Week left the best emotions and memories for all the participants!

Inna Khovrak and Maryna Bilyk also received certificates of an international internship, which took place in two stages. During the distant stage, the focus was on such issues as lifelong learning; quality of education; academic freedom; intercultural understanding, civic activity and ethical awareness; information technologies and interactive communication in the educational process; integration of science and practice. During the second stage at the University of Applied Sciences, the participants considered the issue of the economic and social impact of universities; interdisciplinary and cross-border cooperation within the framework of European legislation; Project Management in the Research Environment: Tools and Techniques.