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Trainings for experts on the quality assurance of higher education
April 01-02, 2019, trainings for experts on the quality assurance of higher education took place at the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University. The seactivities were carried out within the framework of the projects Formation of a network of experts on the quality assurance of higher education and A new system of accreditation as a means of ensuring quality and overcoming corruption in higher education initiated by the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine with the assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Center for Research in Higher Education of the Czech Republic.

Trainers Inna Khovrak and Denys Zagirniak have demonstrated to participants the successful practices of the world educational community interms of quality of education, academic integrity and social responsibility of universities. As a result, the necessary strategic priorities and tactical changes necessary to ensure the quality of higher education in Ukraine were identified.

The training program was formed from four sessions:
- Session 1. Priorities of the European Higher Education Area.
- Session 2. Quality of higher education.
- Session 3. Learning outcomes.
- Session 4. Changing the paradigm of management and quality assessment of educational activities.

The training was conducted with the use of mini-lectures (theoretical block), as well as practical tasks (brainstorming, group discussions, role and business games, case study, method of the world cafe, etc.). Such a format allowed in a friendly atmosphere to analyze specific situations from the professional experience of the participants and to determine the priorities for further development of the Ukrainian Higher Education Area.

Conducting trainings is extremely important for educators as they provide an opportunity to get acquainted with European trends in higher education development, to form motivation for the development of higher education quality, to disseminate ethicalnorms in the academic environment, to realize the importance of social responsibility of universities and to determine the impact of universities on the development of regions.

The University is sincerely grateful to the Institute of Higher Education of NAPNU for the opportunity to engage in such an important, useful and interesting project!