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Expert Group on University Social Responsibility, the Ministry of Investments and Development of Poland
On April 18, a regular meeting of the Expert Group on University Social Responsibility (Ministry of Investments and Development, Warsaw, Poland) was held. The Expert Group includes Inna Khovrak, Associate Professor, Department of Accounting and Finance. The Expert Group was established at the Department for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. The main priorities of the Department are:
- Innovations for sustainable development.
- Initiative "Declaration of University Social Responsibility".
- Relations between employers and employees.
- Building public awareness of sustainable development issues.
- Social responsibility of public administration.
- National Action Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility Development in Poland.

The purpose of the meeting was to formulate a definition of University Social Responsibility, to develop a catalogue of successful practices of social responsibility of Polish universities, to coordinate organizational issues related to the organization of conferences on University Social Responsibility (expansion of the list of signatories of the Declaration of University Social Responsibility).

The meeting was also an opportunity to present projects and activities conducted by members of the Expert Group. Inna Khovrak familiarized colleagues with projects in the field ofregionalsustainable development and University Social Responsibility.