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Practical trainings in Slovakia!
On the 20th the 29th of June best students of Natural Sciences faculty of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskyi State Polytechnic University (KSPU) majoring in Ecology, Environmental Protection and Nature Management left for Banska Bystrica (Slovak Republic) to do their practical trainings in the frameworks of the international agreement on cooperation signed between Ecological Faculty, Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskyi State Polytechnic University, Ukraine and Faculty of Natural Sciences, Matey Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic.
At Matej Bel University we were particularly cooperating with Ing. Marek Drimal, PhD, Vice-dean for development and informatisation; doc. RNDr. Roman Alberty, CSc ,Vice-dean for research and international cooperation; RNDr. Eva Janíková, PhD., teacher of the Department for Environmental Management of Natural Sciences Faculty; Doc. RNDr. Peter Andráš, CSc., professor of the Department for Environmental Management, scientist of Geological Institute of Academy of Sciences in Slovakia.
Practical trainings aim at acquiring skills required to do a research and map out ecological state of typical landscapes based on the lands of Middle Slovakia in Banska Bystrica and neighboring territories as well.
During the practical trainings students defined the sources of the negative influence on the environment of the region, estimated the degree of this influence and found the ways for improving ecological situation in Middle Slovakia. Students had an opportunity to examine the objects having a bad influence on the environment: Shpania Dolyna mine (s. Shpania Dolyna), Biotika complex (Slovak Lyupcha), transport system of Banska Bystrica and others.
During their practical trainings students carried out a scientific research on the estimation of the transport influence in Banska Bystrica on the atmospheric air and the noise level in the city itself, and also they had got some practical skills in dissecting some fauna specimen spread in that region.
We hope that our students journey will start a new stage in the progress of cooperation with Matey Bel University and contribute to the development of the international activity of our university.