Foreigners, students of the Preparatory Department have passed their first entrance examination at KrNU

On the 14th of December seven students of KrNU Preparatory Department for foreign citizens passed their first entrance examination. It was English language. They decided to enter Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostohradskyi National Universityto obtain the bachelors degree in the specialty Management (Faculty of Economics and Management). All seven entrants are citizens of India.

The entrance examination took place at the University DC-office. The examination was administrated by Maryna Martynenko, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Philology and Publishing. KrNuAdmission Board provided the organizational part of the event.

Associate ProfessorMaryna Martynenkois explaining to the entrants the rules of the examination scripts accomplishing.

The examination results will be announced on the 15th of December. The entrants will take two other examinations in Mathematics and Geography. If they pass their examinations and get the relevant number of points, they will become the first-year students.

The seven studentsexpressed the desire to study at the University at the bachelors educational program Management under the condition that the language of teaching will be English. The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) guaranteed them this possibility.

The Dean of FEM Professor AndriyPochtovyukis communicating with the entrants.

The period of study at KrNUPreparatory Department is expiring for the foreign students in January 2022. But the seven students decided to take entrance examinations before finishing their study at the Preparatory Department. The University Admission Board informed them about such a possibility.

Participants enrolment at the Preparatory Departmentstarted in April,and classes for foreign studentsbegan on the 12th July 2021.

The last minutes to accomplish the task.

Klimov Eduard, Associate Professor, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admission Board is collecting the examination papers.