Academic mobility of KrNU educational process participants

In October 2021, aiming to realize the right of KrNU educational process participants for academic mobility, Hennadii Moskalyk, Professor of Department of Psychology, Pedagogy and Philosophy, Dmytro Rieznik, Associate Professor, Executive Secretary of Admission Board, Svitlana Soshenko, Associate Professor, Director of Center of professional development and adaptation, Eduard Klimov, Associate Professor, Head of Automobiles and Tractors Department, Olga Chencheva, Associate Professor, Head of Educational-methodological Department, Andrii Perekrest, Professor, Head of Department of Computer Engineering and Electronics, Volodymyr Chenchevoi, Associate Professor of the Department of Systems of Automatic Control and Electric Drive, and students of the University took part in International Staff Training Week at the University of Economy, Bydgoszcz (Poland) under the programme of academic mobility Erasmus+.

Within the curriculum framework the participants took the long view of prospects for collaboration with the University of Economy (the largest private University of Northern Poland) in interchange of academic teaching staff (Visiting Professor Program), in international projects participating, double degree programme at the bachelor`s and master`s degrees, in courses of study for junior specialists, in possibility to participate at summer schools, trainings, internships.

We thank sincerely our partners for the possibility for our teachers and students to join international research collaboration once again!