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KSU delegation visit to Matej Bel University and conclusion of the Great Agreement on Cooperation with Slovak Partner!
January 18-22, delegation from Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University (KSU) paid a visit to Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic. Mateja Bel University is one of the leading universities in Slovakia in the field of Natural and Economic Sciences, and after joining the European Union the institution started to be expanded by Slovak Republic Government as a training base for the governmental officials.The university comprises six faculties, which, unlike the Ukrainian universities are much larger and independent; herewith bachelor and master trainings are conducted at many specialties and at once. Thus, e.g. the Faculty of Natural Science, which is the part of Matej Bel University, offers bachelor and master programs in the following areas: ecology, environmental management, landscape management, physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering science.

Ukrainian delegation was headed by the Rector of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University Mykhaylo Zagirniak and the delegation itself included Dean of the Faculty of Management Andrii Pochtovyuk and coordinator of the International Programs Valentina Pidlisnyuk.The main purpose of the above-mentioned visit was the signing of the so-called Great Agreement between two universities, based on cooperation, set down in the bilateral agreements between individual faculties of two universities: the Faculty of Natural Resources of KSU and the Faculty of Natural Resources of Matej Bel University, Faculty of Management of KSU and Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University, Management Faculty and the Faculty of Law of KSU and the Faculty of Political Science of Matej Bel University.According to the rules of higher education system. in Slovakia, as well as in other countries of European Union, signing of a full scale Great Agreement is possible when there is a bilateral cooperation at least between three faculties of amicable universities. Last year this condition was satisfied for three bilateral agreements were signed. Under the aforesaid agreements, during March-September 2009 visits of Ukrainian teachers to Slovakia and Slovak teachers to Ukraine were arranged, in addition, in June last year, students of the Natural Scince Faculty got a chance to undertake their summer trainings on the basis of Matej Bel University Natural Faculty, and the scholars of Matej Bel University already published some of their scientific articles in KSU Journal "Visnyk".

Therefore, taking into consideration a very intensive cooperation and fulfillment of the EU terms, Slovak party invited the delegation of KSU to Matej Bel University in Bystrica for Rectors to sign the Great Agreement on Cooperation at the small university Academic Council and in solemn atmosphere. Agreement was signed January 20, 2010 in the presence of Matej Bel University Academic Council representatives: Matej Bel University Rector Professor Beata Kosova, Vice-recor for Educational Activities, Professor Miloty Vetrakova, Dean of the Natural Science Faculty Professor Alfonzo Haydosh, Vice-dean of the International Relations associate professor Roman Alberti. Members of KSU delegation attended the event of signing the Agreement as well.

Agreement stipulates the progress of multilateral cooperation in the fields of education and science, implementation of scientific elaborations, establishment of joint master and postgraduate programs, continuous exchange of teachers and students, joint summer trainings, participation in the conferences arranged by the partner university, as well as the organization of Ukraine-Slovak Conferences, the latter is to be held for young scholars who specialize in the Natural Science in April 15, in Matej Bel University. Full-scale Agreement also provides that the programs of cooperation may involve representatives of other university departments, not just those that have concluded agreements on bilateral cooperation. Great Agreement allows preparing proposals to support the various initiatives of amicable universities on the level of European institutions and the embassies of both countries.
Great Agreement was signed by KSU Rector Prof. Mykhaylo Zagirniak on the Ukrainian side and Matej Bel University Rector Prof. Beata Kosova on the Slovak side. Members of the Ukrainian delegation held a series of talks with the university faculties of Matej Bel University and in particular with the Faculty of Natural Science where they discussed a "road map" of cooperation for 2010. In addition to conferences of young scholars which are to be held in Kremenchuk and Banska Bystrica for students of Partner universities, this year activities include joint student summer trainings as stipulated by the Agreement on Cooperation. It is scheduled that in May 2010 students-environmentalists from Banska Bystrica will undertake their summer trainings on biological resources in Kremenchuck, and in late June, students- environmentalists from KSU will go to Banska Bystrica, where they will continue carrying out researches on the impact of motor transport on environment, launched last year, and get acquainted with the landscape ecology and biodiversity of the Middle Tatra Mountains.

At the Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University cooperating with KSU Faculty of Management, there took place a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty Professor Mariia Uramova and Vice- dean of the International Relations, Associate Professor Peter Kryshtofek. In the framework of the cooperation between these departments there will be organized and held bilateral Round Table on "Mechanisms of quota trading under the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol" scheduled for June 22, 2010 in Banska Bystrica. The Round table will present Masters papers on Economic mechanisms for implementing the Kyoto Protocol done at the Faculty of Management of KSU. It is expected that Slovak students and teachers will also produce their own researches on the management of quota trading.
Another contribution to the development of bilateral cooperation between the universities was the discussion of joint events and cooperation at the Faculty of Political Science of Matej Bel University, represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and Associate Dean for the International Cooperation Bronislaw Kovachyk. . This faculty is rather young (It was founded in 1992), but at present, it is considered to be one of the best faculties in training the diplomatic representatives and future officials of public institutions in Slovakia Students are pretty active as well: the faculty has three youth organizations that make efforts to support the initiatives of the European Union and Euro-Atlantic cooperation, organize meetings with representatives of embassies located in Slovakia; in particular, they are suffciciently cooperating with the French Embassy in Slovakia. As a result, the department has received financial support from the Government of France to establish a joint master program on international relations with the University of Versailles.

Another important area of research and training activity of the faculty is the study of state security issues: political, economic and environmental. From the point of view of environmental safety the teachers of the faculty showed their interest in researches on climate change that have been recently launched in KSU Faculties of Ecology and Management. Interest was expressed in the video chat on Environmental safety between Ukrainian students and teachers, and their Slovak colleagues, involving U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and Slovakia. Probably, this direction will become the main one in the bilateral scientific cooperation with the Faculty of Political Science.
KSU Rector Professor Mykhaylo Zagirniak invited Rector of Matej Bel University Prof. Beata. Kosova, deans of the faculties of Natural Science, Economics and Political Sciences students and postgraduates to come to Kremenchuk in autumn 2010 and take part in the celebration on the occasion of 50 years of KSU, scheduled for the first decade of October. Moreover, it is planned to organize several individual Ukraine-Slovak roundtables on specific scientific subjects within this event. The invitation was accepted with gratitude.
On the last day of their visit the Ukrainian delegation was invited to the City Hall of Banská Bystrica, where they met the Mayor of the city Mr. John Saktor, members of the Senate of the city and state officials. Mayor Saktor spoke about the history of Banská Bystrica, major social and economic initiatives that are currently being implemented in the region. It was very interesting to know that students of Banska Bystrica are involved in city administration, in particular - one day each year, young people have got an chance to fully manage the city. Mayor Saktor noted that this initiative has been extremely useful to encourage young people to stay in the city after their graduation. After the meeting Rector Zagirniak and Mayor Saktor gave interviews on regional television and answered the questions put by reporters.


In conclusion, one can state that the objectives of the visit were successfully achieved, and now we are looking forward to welcoming Slovak colleagues in Kremenchuck State University, namely associate professor of the Faculty of Natural Science Eva Strebova is to come on February 1.