Internship of KrNUs Professor Maiia Dernova at the University of Augsburg (Germany)
Dernova Maiia Hryhorivna, Dr.Sc., professor of the Department of Automation and Information Systems, from June 1, 2022, is undergoing a long-term international scientific internship at the University of Augsburg* (Germany) at the Department of Adult Education and Continuing Education under the supervision of Professor Elizabeth Meilhammer. In addition to scientific research in the field of andragogy, Maiia Hryhorivna`s internship program also includes pedagogical activities.

As part of the first stage of the internship, Maiia Hryhorivna joined the series of lectures "UKRAINE TERRA INCOGNITA? Bildung, Gesellschaft und Kultur in der Ukraine", which were organized by the Department of Adult Education and Continuing Education of the University of Augsburg (Dr.Sc. Tetyana Hoggan-Kloubert, Nicole Luthardt) together with the Association "Deutsch-Ukrainischer Dialog" and attracted considerable interest among the German community .

Maiia Hryhorivna took part in the series of lectures with an open lecture "Higher education of Ukraine: past and present" for students, teachers, university staff, as well as everyone who wantsed to know more about the state of higher education in Ukraine during the Russian aggression, which led to the destruction of many Ukrainian institutions of higher education, and also forced teachers and students to leave their cities, but at the same time to continue their main mission - to teach and learn despite everything. Anyone could attend the lecture not only in the auditorium, but also watch the online broadcast.

Maiia Hryhorivna also held a seminar "Adult Education during the War in Ukraine" for Master Degree students in adult education, where the issues of methods, means and functions of various forms of adult education in the crisis situation caused by the war in Ukraine were discussed. Students showed significant interest in the topic and actively discussed it, even expressed their suggestions regarding the organization of online courses for adults in a crisis.

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The University of Augsburg* (German: Universität Augsburg) is a Bavarian university located in the University Area (German: Universitätsviertel) of the city of Augsburg. Founded in 1970, the university has 8 faculties. The University of Augsburg is a relatively young educational institution with about 18,000 students. More than 14% of students come from other countries, which is a higher percentage than at similar German universities.