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There was held social project "Motherhood: purpose, commitment or choice?"

March 26, 2010 under the auspices of the Translation Department and International Relations Department of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University there was held social project "Motherhood: purpose, commitment or choice?", dedicated to Mother"s Day - the day of honoring mothers all around the world, which celebrated in Germany in the second Sunday of May.

The main goal was to draw attention to the problems of motherhood, abortion and family.
The project took place in a talk show in which vysvitlylasya this subject.
Our university was pleased to welcome guests from the German Culture Center "Vidershtral" (Kyiv), including test center head of the Austrian Language Diploma Kyiv, Mykola Karpik; representatives of the Center Mike Roters and Philip Schadel from Germany. Also we were glad to see the representatives of the German cultural center "Viderburh, headed by the Director of the Centre Svetlana Dudko (Kremenchug).

Such theme as motherhood aroused keen interest of participants in talk show, there was presented a slide collection on the topic. All the roles of participants and guests of talk show were performed by students and it was done entirely in German. By the way, they are not confined themselves to knowledge of foreign languages, they presented songs, dances, poems.

Separately, we want to mention a contribution in this project holding of Inna Pirog, the Head of translation Department of our University, Antonina Bilous, a senior lecturer of the same department and Dukanych Julia, the student of the group Phil-08-1 (1), who were authors and initiators of this project.

Our guests noticed a very high level of this event. The problem that is risen up is common to mankind and very acute in our time, so was proposed to held a similar event at the municipal level, to a wider audience.