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American breakthrough of Kremenchug Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University!

Three employees of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University Alla Kasych, Head of Accounting and Auditing Department, Olga Maslak, Head of the Economics Department, Roman Levchenko, Deputy Director of College of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University, became the finalists of "Open World" program on the topic "Education", which provides leadership center "Open World", in cooperation with the American Councils for International Education: ACTR / ACCELS (American Councils).

The "Open World" was established by Congress in 1999 on the initiative of two prominent social scientists and political figures of Russia and USA: academician Dmitry Likhachev and Director of the Library of Congress, and Dr. James Billington. In 2003 the program was extended to Ukraine. The main purpose of the program "Open World" - promoting understanding and cooperation between Ukraine and the United States by providing opportunities Ukrainian leaders in various industries to meet with their American counterparts, to exchange experience and ideas of the most important issues for both sides.

Wed like to remind that in 2009 the Head of International Relations Department of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University Andrii Markevych was a finalist of this program. During his participation in the program Ukrainian delegation was acquainted with the education system in the U.S., from school and finishing higher education system of education financing system and its administration.

While Andrii Markevychs participation program it had established close ties with U.S. counterparts, including Umpqua Community College (Rousburg, USA).

It is interesting to note that participation in such programs, facilitates communication not only with foreign partners, but also with Ukrainian too.

Thus, there was reached an Agreement Regarding Cooperation between Umpqua Community College (UCC), Uzhgorod National University (UNU) and Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University (KSU). One of the consequences of this cooperation was the agreement on cooperation between the law faculties of UNU and KSU who are working closely now, involving each other to participate in conferences, preparing joint projects. In addition, the partners have very ambitious plans for the expense of further cooperation with the involvement of top students and teachers of both universities.

The work of the Consortium created constantly evolving, and as a result few lecturers of KSU have been nominated for the program "Open World" and this year, three of whom became finalists.

We sincerely congratulate our colleagues and hope that their participation in this program will promote the development of our University and its recognition internationally and in our country.

Expect the new information after the return of our colleagues from the U.S.