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Participation of finance and credit department assistant professor, Victoria Bezugla, in the II International Scientific Conference
From April 29 to May 1, 2010 Victoria Bezugla, assistant professor of finance and credit department, participated in the II International Scientific Conference Actual Problems of Economics and Law (Baranovichi, Belarus). This conference was organized by the Education Institution Baranovychy State University.

Victoria Bezuglaya made a presentation on " State innovation policy instruments: WORLD EXPERIENCE". Also she met participants from Russia, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine and had a conversation with them. During the visit there was reached an agreement on signing the bilateral Agreement on cooperation between Baranovychy State University and Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University.

Our colleague was greatly impressed by the next points:
1. Correlation of science and practice, there were invited professionals working directly in the industries. It raised the importance of the results.
2. Saturation measures
3. Host friendly and hospitable attitude towards Victoria (all the cost of living has taken the host).
4. Accommodation for students (new dormitories was built in the year 2008 due to city budget)