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The visit of Mishkolts University (Hungary) and Sofia University (Bulgaria) delegations
14/05/2010 Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University was visited by delegations from Mishkolts University (Hungary) and Sofia University (Bulgaria).

Hungarian University was represented by Professor, Dean of the Economics Faculty, Gyorgy Kocziszky, professor, deputy dean of the Economics Faculty Mariann Veres Somosi, Professor, Head of Innovation Development Department Dezso Szakaly, and professor of Economics faculty of Mishkolts University Miklos Csiszarik. Professor Theodore Sedlarski was the representative of Sophia University.

During the visit guests had an appointment with the rector of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University Mykhaylo Zagirniak. Also they visited industrial enterprises of Kremenchuk and got acquainted with the Ukrainian industrial production.

Meeting with Hungarian colleagues was held under the Agreement of Cooperation between the Kremenchug Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University and Mishkolts University. There was discussed the possibility of student and lecturer exchanges. Also they discussed the perspectives of joint participation in conferences, publications of joint developments. There were held the negotiations about the possibility of cooperation with Sophia University.