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The participation of KSU delegation in the "Open World"
From 13 to 28 April 2010 three employees of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University (KSU): Head of Economics Department Olga Maslak, Head of Accounting and Auditing Department Alla Kasych and Deputy Director of KSU College Roman Levchenko visited the United States of America as a delegation members for the Open World namely its program Education implemented by the leadership center Open World in the collaboration with the American Councils for International Education ACTR ACCLS.

Open World aims at strengthening mutual understanding and collaboration between Ukraine and the United States of America by giving Ukrainian leaders from the various fields of activities an opportunity to meet American colleagues and exchange their experience, ideas within the most important for both parties issues.

During the visit there were arranged working meetings of Ukrainian delegation with the leading experts in the field of education, politicians, and officials from the USA governmental and public institutions. In the Library of Congress (Washington) was held round-table with Ambassador William B. Taylor, Director of the Center for International Education, Dr. Beverly D. Sheckley, Svetlana Filintro, Ph.D. in the field for international education in George Mason University (Virginia), experts at Georgetown University, George Brown and Sam Potolykkio. During visiting the U.S. through many meetings with school officials, college students, our colleagues familiarized with the U.S education system in detail.

The delegates visited the Wolf Creek Job Corp. This Corporation was founded by the U.S. Labor Department and is a unique institution for studying and living youth. Moreover, Sandy Hendy, director of Health Promotion direction, familiarized the participants with the laboratory for medical personnel training and with the features of distance education in American schools.

It was useful and interesting for participants to overlook Community Colleges, particularly acquaintance with Umpqua Community College (Roseburg City, Oregon), where Blaine Nisson officially welcomes and overviews of community colleges. Career and technical programs of the college, which were presented by Mark Williams, director of career and technical programs, were also interesting for everybody. On the basis of Umpqua Community College Ukrainian group familiarized with the system of higher education in Oregon, with the system of financing education, policy development and implementation of curricula, faculty role and faculty in higher education. There was held an open forum with students at the College.

Accompanied by Michael Beaver, a former high school teacher with 34 years of experience, there was meeting with the head of public schools of Roseburg Larry Persons.

In addition to meetings with experts in education, there were held several meetings with government leaders, officials of Roseburg city, Oregon State. We would like to express gratitude to hosted organizations: Umpqua Community College, especially coordinator Pete Bober and Zonta Club, especially coordinator Pam Bunnel.