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Establishment of cooperation with Poland Universities

Establishment of cooperation with Poland Universities

V.V. Pidlisnyuk, professor of Ecology Department and International programs coordinator, and associated professor A.B. Pochtovyuk, Dean of the Management Faculty, visited Poland on October 24-30, 2010. The aim of the visit was to establish cooperation with Universities of Krakow and Opole and also to approve an Agreement of cooperation.

With the purpose to achieve this aim there were held consultative meetings at the Krakow University of Economics (KUE) on October 25-26. This University is the leading University in the field of economics and international economic relations in Poland. During this visit the delegation of our University met with Professor Ann Karvinskaya, Head of the Sociology Department of Economy and foreign economic relations office. Prof. Karvinska described the main directions of educational and scientific activity of her Department. She also shared her experience of cooperation with Germany universities within the framework of Bologna Process. Our delegation informed Prof. Karvinska about the research activities in the sphere of sustainable development, management, sociology, held in KNU. Also they discussed a possibility of joint scientific research conducted by teachers and graduate students.

On the prof. Karvinska suggestion, the delegation of our University met with Agnieszka Nawrocki, the Head of the International Relations Department of the Krakow University of Economics. Our delegation was informed about the structure and main directions of study for bachelors, masters and graduate students at the Krakow University of Economics. They also discussed the possibility of involvement of Ukrainian students and teachers to participate in conferences, held in KUE. Participants of our delegation also proposed Polish teachers and students to join KNU conferences of young scientists and international events, to be held in 2011.

On October 27-29, our delegation held a series of meetings and negotiations at the Economics Faculty of Opole University (OU), Opole, Poland. It should be noted that the professor V. Pidlisnyuk already has joint scientific interests in the field of sustainable development with the Dean of Economics Faculty Professor Janusz Slodzykom and Professor Hyustom Platye. She also took part in several international conferences, organized by Economics Faculty during 2002-2010, and read some lectures on that Faculty in 2008.

On April 2010 prof. V. Pidlisnyuk participated in an international conference in Opole. On this conference she negotiated with the Dean of Economics Faculty the possibility of signing bilateral agreement on cooperation between the Economics Faculty (Opole University) and Management Faculty of KNU. These two Faculties have very similar educational programs for bachelors and masters. The draft of the Agreement was prepared by means of the internet communication in summer - autumn 2010.

During the October visit there were held a series of consultations to clarify some topics of the Agreement. These topics were discussed with Professor Janusz Slodzykom, Dean of the Faculty, Professor Hyustom Platye, Dr. Mary Butskaya, Deputy Dean of Science, Dr. Bartok Fortunsky and Dr. Monica Baranovsky. The final draft of the Agreement was discussed with Professor Peter Viyedzorekom, Vice-rector for international relations of the Opole University. As a result, the parties signed the Agreement of cooperation in Opole University.

Additionally, during the visit there also was discussed the possibility for teachers and students from both Universities to participate in conferences, to be held in 2011 within the framework of the Agreement.

Participants of KNU delegation read 2 lectures for students of Master Degree of Economics Faculty (Opole University), who study in English-speaking group:

1. Pidlisnyuk V.V. - "Sustainable community development: an overview and history of formation".

2. Pochtovyuk A.B., Pidlisnyuk V.V. "Characteristics of the learning process in Kremenchug National University".