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The web-chat "Cultural exchange program "Work and Travel" - Student visas"

The web-chat "Cultural exchange program "Work and Travel" - Student visas"

November 18, 2010. The web-chat "Cultural exchange program "Work and Travel" - Student visas" was held between students of such groups as MP-10-1sp, Phil-09-1, Phil-08-1, MP-07-1 of our University and Alison Hannah, Consular Officer of the Consular Section (U.S. Embassy in Ukraine). This web chat was organised by Vira Ternovska, Academic Affairs Specialist (Public relations Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine) and Andrii Markevych, Head of International Department (Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University). It should be mentioned that Ms. Hannah spoke with our students in English on-line, but students from other universities of Ukraine were able only to send her their questions. Mrs. Hannah gave very detailed answers to all questions.

Students were very interested in the practical issues of U.S. visa procedures and requirements to the applicants. Mrs. Hannah kindly prepared very detailed presentation on these issues. Our Students also were interested in popularity of summer employment among American youth. It turned out that almost every young American has some job in summer. The most popular working places: amusement parks, supermarkets, hotels and fish factories (Alaska). American employers suggest the same jobs to foreign students who come to the U.S. within the program "Work and Travel". Alison Hannah said that such programs provide young people with rewarding experience and possibility to see the world, to meet new friends.

In addition to "Work and Travel", Ms. Hannah told about Fulbright Graduate Students Programs in Ukraine and about Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship Program. Since 1992 more than 700 Ukrainian scientists, students and young experts have visited the USA as participants of these programs.

Such web chat was organised in the fourth time at our University. On April last year, we organised web chat between our students and Anaiida Haas, Deputy Press - Attaché of U.S. Embassy in Ukraine; in October - web chat with James Thurber - an outstanding professor in the sphere of state governing, founder and director of the Research Centre in one of the American University; in March this year - web chat with Eric Salzmann, Officer of Economic Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

We believe that such web chats have great value for our students, because they have real possibility to accumulate useful and interesting information from leading foreign experts, test and deepen their knowledge and realize the importance of foreign language studying.

Everyone, who want to participate in student exchange programs such as "Work and Travel", "Fulbright Graduate Students Program in Ukraine" and "Edmund S. Muskie Fellowship", can get additional information at the International Department: Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University, Building № 5, Room № 5205.