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The Youth of Kremenchuk represented Ukraine at the international project

The Youth of Kremenchuk represented Ukraine at the international project "United Europe begins in me" (Wroclaw, Poland)

On November 24 six young people, with positive experiences and new friends, came back from Poland. From 15 to November 22, 2010 young people from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Poland studied the basic items of spiritual unification of Europe. During this youth exchange they tried to understand the meaning of integration and European identity. This project was organized by the Angelus Silesius House of meetings (Wroclaw, Poland). Four short films were shot on this international project. These films will be presented to the youth of Kremencuk in different educational institutions of our city.

Participants of the project were activists of the European club of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University: Diana Pinchuk, Anastasia Chornokondratenko, Anton Vorobiev and Galina Skalska. Andriy Orlyanskiy (Gymnasium № 5) represented European clubs of city schools. Oleg Ovcharenko, senior lecturer of Social and political sciences Department (KNU), was the team leader.

The main aim of the project "United Europe begins in me" is to spread the ideas of integration in European countries. The integration is being considered in the broader context: as the integration in the family, in town and in state. Young people from four neighboring countries participated in the trainings, devoted to partnership building, history and contemporary Europe, identity and tolerance. Participants were informed about main issues of the Eastern Partnership Program and the Polish experience of European integration.

The afternoon of each day was used for movie creation. Young people learn how to shoot and mount films, to convey to the audience their vision of the European future by means of cinematography. All participants also had a possibility to become acquainted with Poland, Wroclaw city and some historical places of Lower Silesia.

The work in the international group of participants was very interesting! Stereotypes were destroyed just on sight! The language barrier disappeared on the second day of the project: participants used the Polish-Russian-Ukrainian-English mixture. Participants learnt how to cooperate and to understand other people. They became familiar with the foreign traditions on integrative dinner. The project is very serious by its nature, but in spite of that, the pleasure, received from the participation in this project, is difficult to put into words! Summarizing his participation in all project events, Anton Vorobyov said: "In these few days I have learned much more than during the last 2 years!" Andriy Orlyanskiy said: "I have finally made REAL friends abroad!".

The project is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland through competition "Promotion of knowledge about Poland 2010", so the participation of our team was entirely funded by grants. Ukrainian partner of the project is Kremenchuk informational and educational center "European club". The organization has existed since 2008. The European Club of KNU is its permanent partner.

TDuring the next two weeks, participants will present their 4 short films about Europe to the youth of Kremencuk in some educational institutions. The ideas of integration will be also spread in their own families through the discussion of these ideas and integration experience of three generations - youth, parents and grandparents. Through this approach, the integration process will become closer, more alive and personal. Youth participation in the project will become the event and have great importance for cities and schools. It will indicate that our city can and should participate in integration processes. We hope that this project will launch a genuine international cooperation of peers.

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