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Students of KNU will have practical training in Germany.

Students of KNU will have practical training in Germany.

During four years Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University has been providing fruitful cooperation with TU-Braunschweig, especially with Institute of dynamics and vibrations, headed by Professor Georg-Peter Ostermeyer. This year our students will have practical training at this Institute within the framework of DAAD Program Studienpraktika. This Program is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

German Academic Exchange Service DAAD (Germ. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) is the largest German social organization supporting international academic exchanges. DAAD provides exchange of researchers and students. DAAD offers scholarships to all categories of applicants, dealing with science and academic activities, beginning with students of the 2nd course and finishing with professors and doctors of science.

The main goals of the DAAD activity are:

- to support the young generation in Germany and abroad in the fields of science and culture, economy and politics;

- to make the youth more open and understandable;

- to promote the prestige and internationalism of German universities;

- to support German Language, Literature and German Studies at foreign universities.

German Academic Exchange Service also supports the group travel to Germany for foreign students headed by teachers. The objectives of such travel are:

- practice, specializing in higher education (special courses, block seminars, other seminars) at the invitation of German universities, who is also responsible for organizing practices at the university, at some company, or perhaps in community organization;

- meeting with German students and scientists to establish and maintain contacts between German and foreign universities;

- getting some knowledge about economic, political and cultural life of Germany.

It should be mentioned that the first trip of our students for this Program was in 2009. All participants received valuable experience to continue their scientific activity and good memories about this unforgettable trip. This summer 15 of our PhD and graduate students also have the opportunity to visit Germany and to undergo training at the Institute of dynamics and vibrations (TU-Braunschweig, Germany).

The scholarship-winners are PhD and graduate students not only from Institute of electromechanics, energy saving, and automatic control systems but also from such faculties, as Faculty of electronics and computer engineering, Faculty of transport vehicles and technologies, Faculty of mechanics and material science.

We express our sincere gratitude for the fruitful cooperation to our partners, Director of the Institute of dynamics and vibrations, Professor Georg-Peter Ostermeyer and Dpl. Ing. Oleksandr Goloborodko.

International Relations Department will make every effort to provide any possibility for students and teachers of our university to improve their skills and acquire new experience for their research activity by means of education and training abroad.

We congratulate our students and wish them success in their further scientific activity!

International Relations Department