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From June 26 to July 9, 2011, a group of students and PhD students had practice at the Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany)

From June 26 to July 9, 2011, a group of students and PhD students from Institute of electromechanics, energy saving, and automatic control systems , Faculty of electronics and computer engineering, Faculty of transport vehicles and technologies, Faculty of mechanics and material science, led by Head of International Relations Department, A.G. Markevych had practice at the Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany).

International Relations Department

Impressions, stories and comments from group members...


We leave Ukraine under accompaniment of rain. It was long expectation at airport "Zhuliany" and fast rise.

There was an unforgettable landscape below: clouds of diversified forms and shades. Hours of flight have really flown by.

At last there was Dortmund. It was sunny day...

We were pleasantly surprised by precise organization and punctuality of routes of buses, the subway and trains. The way took 16 hours. All were exhausted, but mood was excellent. We had reached!

Olexandr Goloborodko, Andrii Markevych and Frau Mayer were three fairies who cared of us.

Good night. We`ll see you tomorrow.

P.S. It is time to invent teleportation..


Ladies` collective had raise at six o`clock in the morning (the author of the given part is a girl!) to be in time by appointed time: warm shower (for those who had learned how turn on water) and breakfast (long-awaited, because home preparations come to end). Rolls with cheese and the sausage made of meat it is possible to live. Frau Mayer is the most charming woman who does not know English language at all (except some words of a standard set), but perfectly owns a sign language of the Ukrainian students.The life probably is wonderful.

9.00 thre was an official acquaintance with professor Ostermeyer. Professor had greeted everyone personally by hand, besides, he had arranged warm reception with tea and cookies (mda it is rare thing in Ukraine). Some hours of dialogue have flown by imperceptibly simply because it was interesting to listen. Thanks Olexandr Goloborodko, who had developed the program of our stay and had registered (in house conditions it and it was not possible) us at MacGyver Competition. He also helped us in every possible way to overcome language barrier.

Imperceptibly time had come to have dinner in a student`s canteen. Yes, it was not the canteen of our universityAnd again there live people (but soup was too salty).

The last item for today was visiting final lecture on theoretical mechanics by professor Ostermeyer.. He is very good in lecturing (many actors can envy his emotionality), because even in German (I want remind that we dontsprechen Deutsch at all) ) he could explain material availably. It could be

We liked the enormous audience and the universal automated board. We were surprised: students eat, play with phones and go on school desks in spite of the presence of the lecturer.

And than was free time: the hunting for interesting places and storm of shops had begun!..


The program has begun with the visit to the library. It had been founded in 1975 and presents 1.4 million books of various areas among which a plenty (40500) materials of world conferences.

For all visitors of library there were created all services for comfortable work: 673 working seats, all reading rooms equipped with the modern copy equipment, and the most important thing is the working time: from 7.00 till 24.00. We had such impression that students live there.
It should to be noted, that there is presented the richest selection of children`s literature in library. During visiting library we had the possibility to see a collection of rare editions of brothers Grimm fairy tales.

Than we went to the laboratory Hochlasttribometer laboratory where the stand on research of wear of brake pads was presented to us. The stand provides the possibility to make an assessment of influence of various factors on the working process and wear of working body.

The next was the Laboratory Microscopic, where Nils Perzbon told and graphically presentedthe analysis of brake pads surface damage by means of microscope, provided inHochlast-tribometer laboratory.

Very enjoyable stage of our tour was a visit to the laboratory of O. Goloborodko. Here we were given the opportunity to experience the traffic simulator. Impressions were unforgettable.
The final stage of the third day in Braunschweig was a fascinating lecture by Professor J.Zeitner from the Institute of electric machines and drives. The theme of his work is to study and design of mechatronic actuators. It was very exciting to visit the working laboratory of Professor J. Zeitner. There were presented complete and under development projects. It should be noted that all developments are carried out entirely on the orders of industrial enterprises.

J. Zeitner was aworded by the certificate: the member of the editorial board of scientific publication News of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University



There is the National metrological center of Germany. Here they conduct debugging of different kinds of equipment for which the accuracy of measurement (to pico and nano) is important.

The territory of college very much looks like any park where lonely buildings laboratories - are scattered.

At fist we were told what RTV is and what for it is necessary.

Then we went directly to laboratories. The first laboratory was for the measurement of constant currents where the equipment costs not one hundred thousand dollars. It was interesting, that gold is treated here only as a good conductor but not a precious metal.

The next was the laboratory of alternating current.

Then we visited three rooms of sound Laboratories of acoustics. In first room five walls had been covered by a special absorbing material. It was very unusual to listen and hear no noise. Following laboratory was the full contrast. It is designed in such a way that sounds would be reflected from all walls. A full echo. At identical force of a sound the loudness in the second room is much more. The third room is the laboratory of noise measurement in usual apartment.


The third part of excursion was in laboratories of electromagnetic fields. In the middle of big room (13*8*6 meters), covered by the material absorbing electromagnetic field, they perform calibration of aerials with different frequencies and capacities. Then we saw rooms of much smaller sizes (even model in30 centimeters long) for debugging aerials of smaller capacities.

As a whole the excursion was very interesting and cognitive. NOT every day we can see such things.


Shoppings day

Last day of June can be described in a few words: shopping, shopping, a little bit lectures, shopping. Two lectures had been planned, but having come in the morning toInstitute we got unpleasant news professorOstermeyer was ill (we hope not too seriously) that`s why lectures were canceled.

Here it is necessary to tell, that not only the professor, but also almost all members of our group were ill too. There were only a few people who did not complain of a sick throat, cough, a runny nose, small temperature (maybe the air here was another, maybe we were not prepared for conditioners in each bus/train). We were treated by national medicines" and own tablets.

But we had a choice: to attend OlexanderGoloborodko`s seminar as to the program PLAN, or to walk around the city. Many members of our group participated in summer school of professor Ostermeyerlast year and already were familiar with this program. That`s why we were divided: a part remained at a seminar, others walked around the city: someone wanted to look places of interest and someone wanted to perform the first global shopping.

Our girls, even having arrived to Germany, and especially having arrived toGermany could not refuse the pleasure to buy more things, bagatelles and simple knickknacks. And it must be said, clothes here is actually much cheaper, and if not cheaper butprobably, is of better quality:)

To those who are interested in prices (unfortunately only for products, it is forbidden to make photo in shops), below you can see a pair photos:

One of the places of interest:

The otherwise by 17:00 all we have gathered for scheduled lecture. It was one lecture from the whole set about the Nobel laureates in the electrical engineer. It is necessary to note, that for us once again there was unusual organization of educational process, because earlier we saw the walking on school desks, pies on school desks, etc., this time we were pleasantly surprised by little tables with cups, teapot with coffee, tea and plates with cookies. But, having overcome the first attack of surprise, some of us had taken advantage of unusual hospitality:

Briefly about the lecture.

The lecture (byAndreas Hangleiter)concerned laureates of 2000 in the field of physics:Jack S. Kilby, Herbert Kroemer Zhores I. Alferov. The first scientist invented integrated chips, another inventedtransistors with hetero structure. In general, lecture was very interesting, we knew the theory and nowwe heardaboutstep-by-step inventions which had defined the further progress in electronics.

After lecture there was short running into supermarket to by some food. By the way, and here we also were very surprised. For example, there was the device accepting glass and plastic bottles:

The problem of ecology has been solved effectively enough who will throw out a half of euro on each bottle?!)

And in the evening we had joint snack and several games in "Mafia". Who knows this game will understand... So, again we went to bed later than 12:00 at night.


On the fifth day of stay in Germany we visited entertaining complex Phaeno (, situated in the city Wolfsburg (half an hour by train from Braunschweig).

Our entire group was amazed by scale of this entertaining complex.

Phaeno represents set of scientific attractions and demonstration stands.

The most interesting device was Brain fight where two persons can compete for their ability to relax. It was determined by activity of electromagnetic radiation of participants brain. This device works as follows: in the center of a table is placed a sphere responding to difference of electromagnetic radiation variation of measuring devices which are on heads of opponents. So, there are two zones, in one of which this sphere can get, depending on a condition of slackness. And as a result the sphere gets in a zone of the opponent with greater brain activity.

None of the presented devices and stands had not been deprived by our attention. In completion I would like to tell, that German children are lucky.

02.07.11 "TUDAY"

Part 1
The Day of Open door in German

Saturday. Weekends. Get up!. Breakfast. We had hasty gathered and have gone to university. The way had let to know, that things would be interesting, because we were accompanied with yellow indexes.

Something unusual occurred in the street: people swarmed, installed tents and equipment. It was the Open door of Braunschweig universities. It reminded a holiday. An orchestra, snack bars, showrooms (tents), varied symbolic of faculties in a great quantity and availability. Also there were the enterprises representatives with their equipments. So today it was possible to find everything (one tent even presented the information about Islam).

Registration of MacGyver participants (it will be described later).

Technical University of Braunschweig invited to visit laboratories of its Institutes and to receive detailed consultation on each of them. We have plunged into the world of a science and technics.

Such level of technical maintenance of laboratories we could not even imagine.

Part 2

MacGyver is a German version of the program Mad hands ". It is a competition among pupils and students. Its program consists of: statement of the task; registration by the Internet of team (1-5 people); presentation of invention before public and jury evaluation. The Competition is held on the Day of Open door. We had desire to participate.
The task was as follows: "To construct the walking car".
Detailed conditions you can see at the site of competition.
We had 4 teams and 4 different devices (by the way, these inventions were financed - 20 euro for each team). We passed the registration and got 18, 19, 20, 21 serial numbers in students group (there 24 students team and approximately such number of pupils teams). We were impressed by such quantity of participants.

A variety of ideas presented at competition, sense of humor of the leading person (by the way, professor Ostermeyer was the leading person), a positive spirit of jury, admiration and support of audience caused delight and we simply could not come off a stage. Emotions overflowed us. It was something.

We also have presented our devices and got audience and jury approval. Two hours of competition and rewarding of winners. It was a pity, that our devices were not in their number, but we were very happy to participate in such show.
That evening we had long discussion...


Sunday. Weekend. But Sunday in Braunschweig cardinally differs from Sunday in Kremenchuk. Absolutely all shops are closed!!! And if you had no time to reserve food in a supermarket in advance you can buy food in cafes but the price would be much higher. .

A few words about cafes. We also began our cultural program with it. Very cozy, beautiful interior, the prices for coffee and cakes not higher than in our "Caffeine".

I shall share a little bit personal. I like pie "Schwarz Wald" very much, therefore has decided to take a slice to test. I shall tell that I would like to test it more and more.

Well now there are some words about the cultural program. We have decided to visit a St. Blasyus Cathedral, founded by Henry Lion. As a symbol of his authority, he established a monument of a lion in the center of square. But the original lion is in a museum and at the square its copy.

The huge quantity of famous art things is stored in the museum. On the ground floor visitors can see church relics such as: crosses, icons, church books and the dishes. There are many things to observe.

On the second floor there was an exhibition of art things of 16-17 centuries. There were pictures of such famous artists as Rembrandt, Rubens and Picasso. It was so wonderful.

E:IMG_2915.JPG E:IMG_2916.JPG

And this locker is not for clothes. Various figures from an ivory and jewelry are stored there.


Each plate is a work of art. How people could eat from them?

And, finally, with such clock it is impossible to be late for work. It shows not only time, but also day, week and month.

In the cathedral we also saw great things. For example, candlestick. Its height is of 4.8 m., width is of 4.3 m. It is one of the greatest candlesticks in Europe.

We would like to listen organ exclusive music but came not in due time.

After this excursion we would like to wish and advise everybody who will be in Braunschweig, visit this cathedral and the museum. And one more thing: do not forget to use student`s card ISIC, because it gives very good discounts.


In the morning, July 4, we have visited car building plant WV. On the checkpoint we were met by the representative of the company.

He warned us photo at the plant is forbidden. First of all we went to a conference hall where we watched a film in Russian about WV Golf 6. Then we had an excursion to industrial shops. For the excursion around the plant they have special excursion car. Extent of excursion made 6 km and proceeded about one and a half hours. During the excursion we saw only 2 % of Plant. Full excursion around the plant would take about 3 weeks. The territory of the plant makes 6,5 2, that is equaled the areas of Monaco. There are 50 thousand workers; half of them are involved in administration process, because about 98 % of manufacture is automated. It is the biggest car building plant in the world. Here are made WV golf 6, Golf, Tauran, Tiguan. Our excursion started in the middle of assembly shop. We were amazed by quantity of robots and how they work. Each 20 seconds one new car is finished, and it means 3,5 thousand cars in day. Because of measures on decrease in harm to an environment, cost of the equipment for last years has grown on 300 %. Than we visited painting shop. There are three layers of painting of the car: 1 layer a protective, 2 layer a first coat, 3 layer painting in color. After assembling car will pass testing. There it passes the whole complex of tests and if everything is OK, it could be sold. If it is not - car repairs are made in manual.

Factory WV has 2 thermal power stations, and a solar power station with capacity of 8 mega Watt which is the biggest in Germany. These power stations completely provide a factory with the electric power. After excursion we visited a conference a hall where had a possibility to ask the questions which have arisen on a course of excursion. It has appeared, that WV owns such brands, as Audi, Porsche, Siat, Skoda, Lamborgini, Bugatti, Bently, Scania, MAN.

After the termination of excursion we have decided to visit Autostadt Cost of the ticket at a discount on ISIC made 12 euro, without 15 euro.

But for such quantity of impressions to pay such money it is completely not a pity. As soon as we came on Autostadt territory, we were amazed by the size of territory and how clean it was.

At first we visited the hall of retro cars.

This is several floors building and on each floor some cars are located, since 1903 of production. Besides that we watched 3D film about the first WV - the Bug.

Then we visited Bugatti hall. There was only one car Bugatti Veyron. There is nothing to add...

The next hall was Lamborghini. Having come into the building, we saw Lamborghini, vertically fixed on the wall. We saw a half of light and trance music show. Light and music, a sound of Lamborghini engine and a heap of adrenaline it is the best description of this event.

Then we visited Audi hall. In this hall we could sit at the wheel of any car to learn about its characteristics.

Undoubtedly, the best exhibit was Audi R8. It is the car of dream - one of employees of a motor show has told us, and we were completely agreed with him.

Then we decided to drink some coffee with a cake in cafe.

Having had a rest and having had a snack, we went to Skoda hall.

After that we visit on a light and a drum and bass music fountain. It was wonderful show!

Also we visited WV hall with cars and with minibuses. Unfortunately we couldn`t get in towers with cars it was not possible, because of preventive works. In general, day was great. We got unforgettable impressions and a heap of positive emotions!


At 11.00 Olexander Goloborodko gave a lecture on modeling acoustic events in Borland Builder 5.0 with use of connected library Plan.

As the motivation for such research in TU- Braunshweig became a problem of noise level decrease and creation of good mood at drivers.

From the lecture we got to know about various possibilities which provide OS Windows, for work on audio data and have studied bases of work on sound cursor FMOD.

In second part of day we visited authentic German small town Volfenbjutel. We felt the spirit of XVII-XVIII of century in it.

We visited a residence of Volfenbjutel princes and library of August.

The day was great. We got unforgettable impressions and a heap of positive emotions!


On Wednesday 6.07.11 our group had an excursion at plant Siemens. We saw the part of manufacture specialized on systems of automatic control for railway transportation. We were forbidden to make photos.

This plant as well as at other plants in Germany has high level of automation based on wide range of various class conveyors and robotics.

At the beginning the general nomenclature of let out production had been presented to us.

The first industrial department was shop for soldering electronic components of control boards. The allocation of planar components on the surface of control board is fulfilled by special robots-manipulators with high speed. Arrangement of more dimensional components of control board (sockets, hard relay, etc.) is fulfilled spent manually. Very interesting was that fat that the most part of workers were women. Experts told that women better than men cope with the given type of activity.

During excursion we could see departments where feedback detectors for data transmission from moving structure are created and tested. As well as control board for various purposes, relay automatics of high fault tolerance, wire-connecting production, and even the whole control systems in the form of mobile phone.

The high reliability of production is reached due to repeated testing of each commodity unit. That was proved by the demonstration of diagnostic complexes located in territory of each industrial sub items. Parameters of devices were described, at least, by three-value numbers

Excursion had left very good impression in hearts and consciousness of all participants of group. The culture of manufacture justifies the developed opinion as to the high degree of quality of German production.

After that we got on a viewing platform whence we could make photos of wonderful city panorama.

At 16:00 professor Ostermeyer gave us interesting lecture concerning modeling of electromechanical systems.

After that lecture we had holiday barbecue directly in the yard of the University.

At first we gave some presents, brought from Ukraine.

Than we had friendly conversation with our foreign colleges.

On the end of the party by joint efforts the order and cleanliness were restored and we all went home happy and satisfied.


Thursday 7.07.2011. In the morning we had a farewell meeting with prof. Ostermeyer. We discussed summer school, MacGyver competition and our participation in it. Professor noted originality of our "walking" cars. Also the further directions of possible cooperation were considered. After the meeting with prof. Ostermeyer we visited "Media-room".

It is the linguistic center for students and teachers of Technical University. It provides a wide range of language courses free of charge. Students can learn 7 languages. Exception is only German language, the semester of studying costs 20 euro. Students can use special software allowing quickly and accurately learn the spoken language, grammar, and improve the existing vocabulary.

The day was quite eventful. In the afternoon we visited the Institute of Datentechnik und Kommunikationsnetze.

We visited two departments headed by prof. Admela Jukan and prof. Harald Michalik. In 10 Internet laboratories headed by prof. Admela Jukan they fulfill experiments on network routing on modern equipment CISCO http: // They also work with network telecommunications.

In laboratories headed by prof. Harald Michalik they develop hardware and the software for the space industry. They cooperate with the European space organization. The developed Flash and SDRAM board of memory are used in such projects as KOMPSAT-3, TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X.

In the end of the visit we presented booklets with the information of our University and souvenirs for the memory of curious Ukrainian students.

So, the 12th day of our stay in Germany, the motherland of Henry Hertz, George Om and Albert Einstein also has come to the end.


For the thirteenth day of our stay in Germany we visited Institute of industrial metrology IPROM (Institut für Produktionsmesstechnik). Professor Rainer Tutsch showed us some presentation about this Institute.

The basic directions of IPROM activity are:
- Measurements of the form of various samples in industry (2D and 3D optic measurements and measurements of tactile properties of samples);
- 3D-gauges for management of assembly process;
- Measurement of sample deformation under loading.
Then we visited laboratory and saw expensive precision equipment for optical and tactile measurements, used as the standard for calibration of measurements results, received during research.

The ideal cleanliness is supported in laboratory. There was special sticky tape for clearing footwear on the floor.

PhD student from Ukraine Marina Galovskaia, who had won the grant on a writing of the dissertation in this Institute, told us about her work, showed the equipment and how to get 3D measurements.

After that we visited student`s organization ASTA. This organization is similar to our student`s council. It is legally issued, independent, protects the rights of students and helps them with many questions. The student`s canteen and hostels submits to this organization.

The Head of ASTA told us about one students protest against increase of payment for study in the university. Students occupied a big studding room at university so, that there was no possibility to give lectures there. The protest lasted for 1 week. For this time students did not leave the room. Eventually, the protest had come to the end with success.


5 oclock in the morning. Departure. And you even do not know what to think: "Finally" or "Why so fast". Those were absolutely dual feelings.

This day as well as the previous, begun with a breakfast: rolls, sausage, cheese, jam, honey and so on . Today even rolls were tasty and sausage had not bothered at all

So, we ate and began our marathon of 16 hours and almost 2000 kilometers long.

First there was a bus, then - a train, and another train, a subway, once again a bus, a plane, and at the end of travel there was a rote-bus "Kyiv-Kremenchuk" khm, this last part of the way was especially hard for all travelers.

And, at 12 o`clock at night (symbolically) we finally came to Kremenchuk!

Well, Germany, we do not say you "Farewell" but only "Good-bye".)))