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Student of Management Department participated in youth exchange project

Anastasiia Chornokondratenko, the student of Management Department, was visiting Georgia in the period from September 24 to October 6, 2011. She became a participant of youth exchange project in Georgia, organized by Research-Intellectual Club "Dialogue of Generations" (Georgia), Jugendhilfe und Sozialarbeit e.V. (Germany). This project was organized in the framework of "Youth In Action" program and financed by European Commission.

The Ukrainian partner of this project was Public organization Center for the European initiatives (Sumy, Ukraine), the longtime partner of European Club of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University. The main purpose of the project was the exchange of knowledge and experience in the sphere of climate changes among participants from different countries. 36 young people (18 - 20 years old) from Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Georgia participated in this project (9 representatives from each country).

Everything began with participation in the competition. At first everyone must complete the selection form in English: to tell about yourself, describe experience in similar projects, motivation and expectations. After receiving positive response from the organizers, selected participants from Ukraine (Kremenchuk, Sumy and Kyiv) began their preparations for the project. Using social network and e-mail, they met and discussed the presentation of Ukraine ecology, planned organization of National Evening. On September 24 all members from Ukraine met in Boryspil airport to fly to Batumi city. From the airport, Ukrainian delegation, along with the German delegation, went to Kobuleti city, where they waited for the Polish and Georgian participants. Despite the bad weather, the delegates were impressed by picturesque landscapes of Georgia.

Over the next 7 days there were some training events. Participants tried to identify the causes of climate changes and find some solutions to these problems. Participants tried to discuss not only the activities of national scope, but simple actions available to everyone. All participants got a desire to attract citizens to the climate change problem. Young people decided to draw their ideas as to the climate protection and also to draw nasty alternative, if all will be indifferent. According to the suggestion of the organizers, this picture message will be inflicted on the buses, which will travel around the Kutaisi city, reminding local residents about the importance of the problem.

Another purpose of the project was the integration of the participants. It was promoted by friendly atmosphere and such conditions as: communication in English, living in rooms with foreign neighbors, excursions around Batumi and Kutaisi. On evenings representatives of each delegation made some presentations about their countries. Our delegates presented Ukrainian traditions, dances, treated their new friends with favorite Ukrainian dishes and sang songs together. During 10 days, all participants of the project became very close friends. The farewell turned out to be quite complicated, and for some people it was even unexpectedly.

Our student Anastasiia is very grateful to the organizers of the project, because this project allowed her to meet wonderful people and even made a small contribution to the process of planet protection. As people say, if you want to change the world - start with yourself. And the memories about such unusual and interesting Georgia will remain with Anastasiia forever.

International Relations Department

According to the materials of Anastasiia Chornokondratenko