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For the third year scientists from Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University (KrNU) participated in the program "Open World". This program was established by USA Congress in 1999. Two prominent scholars and politicians initiated it: the Russian academician Dmitry Likhachov and the Director of U.S.A. Congress Library, Dr. James Billington. In 2003 the program "Open World" was extended to Ukraine.

This time three our researchers became the participants of the program "Open World" on the topic "Education": assoc. prof. Andrii Gladyr, Director of Educational and scientific center for postgraduate and distance learning, assoc. prof. Andrii Pochtoviuk, Dean of the Faculty of management, prof. Oleksandr Salenko, Head of the Department of processes and equipment for mechanical and physical-technical processing.

Delegates were able to communicate, share experience, establish professional and friendly contacts with American colleagues from universities of Oregon (Andrii Pochtoviuk, Andrii Gladyr) and Utah (Oleksandr Salenko).

The visit to the United States began with a round table in the Congress Library in Washington. There our delegates could get some information as to the American education system from the local experts.

After that, delegates were invited to the U.S. Congress to meet with Senator Jeff Merkley and a member of the House of Representatives Peter DeFazio. All delegates were impressed with friendly attitude of Americans, their willingness to discuss any problems and a sincere interest in promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between Ukraine and the United States.

The most impressive for the participants of "Open World" program was the meeting at the Ukraine Embassy in the USA. The delegation (it comprises 60 persons) from our country was warmly welcomed by Alexander Motsyk, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in the United States.

After all meetings in Washington our delegates Andrii Pochtoviuk, Andrii Gladyr, together with representatives from Uzhgorod National University, arrived in the host organization in Rustburg Oregon - Umpqua Community College). This College successfully cooperates with KrNU during several years.

The working week in Rustburg was very interesting and, at the same time, very intense for the Ukrainian delegates. They had over 40 hours of meetings with representatives of educational institutions, NGOs, local governments. They also had very interesting communication, training and briefings. All delegates made some presentations of their scientific experience for American colleagues.

The third member of the delegation from KrNU, Oleksandr Salenko, visited the Utah Valley University (Provo, Salt Lake City). There he was acquainted with the principles of public funding of U.S. universities. He also visited faculties and departments of the University, got much information as to the conditions and sequence of accreditation and certification of specialized highly qualified researches.

Oleksandr Salenko also visited Commercial Brigham Young University. He could observe the latest research laboratories. Oleksandr Salenko established close ties with leading experts in such research areas as materials processing, fundamental physics and organic chemistry.

For our teachers, as representatives of a country that went through political turmoil, which lasted several years, it was extremely interesting to study the American model of cooperation between NGOs and government bodies, public and private sectors, that really promotes the development of the local community.

Very warm and touching relationships were established with the families who hosted our delegates. Host family is a family of Americans volunteers, who voluntarily, at their own expense, willing to host guests from another country. Such hospitality is explained by the desire to learn more about Ukraine "first hand". Sometimes local social organizations help such family. But this "informal" communication turned out to be the best way of promoting international understanding and cooperation for the joint activities in future.

It was very interesting and exciting to taste the American food in restaurants and host families. Delegates were offered various kinds of dishes (from exotic Chinese and Mexican to traditional fast food). It was very unusual when hosts offered the delegates to use all products in their refrigerators as they want. Such self-service, based on the principle "Help yourself" is the highest manifestation of friendliness that gives some idea of the mentality and values of the American nation.

In conclusion, it would be nice to emphasize, that the program "Open World" aims to positively influence the participants from both American and Ukrainian side, promoting further growth and development of business and personal contacts and new joint projects foundation.

International Relations Department