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Third Vyshegrad Round-Table Discussion on Current issues in Climate Change „Sustainability of second generation biofuels crops` production“

Matej Bel University, Slovak Republic
in cooperation with
Kremenchuk National University, Ukraine,
Opole University, Poland
National University of Life and the Environment, Ukraine
Third Vyshegrad Round-Table Discussion on
Current issues in Climate Change
„Sustainability of second generation biofuels crops` production“

Time: July,1-2nd, 2012
Place: Tajovskeho 40, Department of the Environment,
Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic

July, 1st
All dayParticipants’ arriving
15.45-16.00Gathering for the field trip Address: Tajovskeho,40, entrance to the Building
16.00-18.30Field trip
July, 2nd
Stanislav Holec, Professor, Vice-Rector, Matej Bel University (MBU), Slovakia
Mykhailo Zagirnyak, Professor, Rector, Kremenchuk National University,KrNU, Ukraine
Alfonz Gajdos, Associate Professor, Dean, Faculty of Natural Resources, MBU,Slovakia
9.50-10.00Round-Table goals and expectations Valentina V.Pidlisnyuk, Professor, MBU/KrNU,Slovakia/Ukraine
10.00-11.30First Session
“ Ecological aspects of biofuels production and using”
Moderator- Valentina V.Pidisnyuk, Professor, MBU/KrNU, Slovakia/Ukraine
Tetyana Stefanovska,
Assoc. Professor, National University of Life and Environmental Science (NULES),Ukraine
“ Biofuel production: evaluation of potential factors contributing to the yield reduction.
Leonid Klimenko, Professor, Rector, Chernomorskyi State University, Ukraine
“ Perspective of using biofuels for transport systems”
Radoslava Kanianska, Assist. Professor, MBU,Slovakia
“Potential and risk of Slovak agriculture in biofuels crops´ production”
Iryna Soloshich,Assoc. Professor,KrNU,Ukraine and Valentina Pidlisnyuk, Professor, MBU/KrNU ,Slovakia/Ukraine
“ Educational aspects in promotion of biofuels production”
11.45-13.15Second session
“Advantages and disadvantages of biofuel production: economic and social values”
Moderator: Joost Platje, Professor, Opole University (OU),Poland
Andrey Pochtovyuk,
Assoc.Professor, KrNU,Ukraine
“ Economic aspects of biofuel production;case from Ukraine”
Monika Paradowska, Assistant Professor, OU, Poland
“ Economic advantages of biofuels using: experience from Poland”
Natalia Napkhonenko, Professor and Marina Karaeva,Ph.D student, Stavropol State university, Russian Federation
“ Economic aspects on using an alternative energy sources at the transport systems: advantages and disadvantages”
Peter Sabo, Ing.,CSc. “Research Institute for Landscape and Regions, MBU,Slovakia
“Confronting Global Collapse: Sustainable Retreat as a Plan B”
14.30-16.00Student’s Competitive Workshop “ Research on Green Energy and Role of young generation ”
Dr.Marta Halasova,
Ph.D., associate professor, MBU, Slovakia
Iryna Bunetzkaya, Master student, Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
Reporter: Svitlana Kucherovska, Ph.D. student, NULES, Ukraine “Agronomic and ecological aspects of perennial grasses for second generation biofuels production “
Sergey Soloshich,
Ph.D. student, Kremenchuk National University, Ukraine
Ksenia Bystrevskaya, Bachelor student, Kyiv-Mohula Academy, Ukraine
Marina Karaeva, Ph.D. student, Stavropol State university, Russian Federation
Mateusz Musial, Ph.D. student, Opole University, Poland
Dasa Molnarova, Dana Bukvova, Lucia Sabolova, Ph.D. students, MBU, Slovakia
16.00-16.45Summarizing results of 3rd VRTDCC.
Moderator: Mykhailo Zagirnyak, Professor and Rector, KrNU,Ukraine
16.45-17.00Wrap up session.
Moderator: Marek Drimal, Assistant prof,Vice-Dean, MBU,Slovakia
July, 3rd
All day Meetings at the faculties of MBU ( for Rectors and Deans from abroad).
Developing ideas for future cooperation in selected topics.

Valentina Pidlisnyuk, prof., MBU/ KrNU
+38 050 4621299; (Ukraine); +421 944964873 (Slovak Republic);
RNDr.Jana Jadudova,Ph.D
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