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Day of Knowledge
On the first day of September all the great family of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University gathered for the festive meeting. Oleh Nadosh, national deputy of Ukraine, Volodymyr Onischenko, the first deputy of the regional council head, and Vitalii Maletskyi, deputy of the city head congratulated the students and staff of the educational establishment on the beginning of the new academic year.
The rector of KrNU professor Mykhailo Zagirnyak was the first who spoke to the presented with a salutatory address. He called first-year students to go through the worthy way from the university entrant to the professional.
In the current year almost 600 persons master the chosen profession on the full-time instruction and some more students study on the postal tuition.
Volodymyr Onyschenko congratuled everyone on behalf of the regional institutions. Oleh Nadosha came to students with a pleasant present. He promised to repair the heat supply system in three hostels on the finances of his own fund. Olena Suvorova, head of trade union committee called the students on being active in the public life of the university.
The feast could not pass without a traditional korovai with which the senior students regaled the first-year students. In their turn the anxious first-year students received a symbolic key to knowledge and a record book and then swore to go to the peak of science with persistence.
The feast was finished with the concert of the amateur artistic groups.
Congratulations on the new academic year!

Press-service of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University