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Rector`s working visits to Poland and Lviv
The scientists made three reports on the trend of their researches during the section meetings: Comparison of methods for diagnosing induction motors based on the spectral analysis of current and instantaneous power, Determination of energy performance of three-phase asynchronous motors with slip-ring motors through individual components of losses, System identification of emergency conditions in hydrotransport complexes. Professor Mykhailo Zagirnyak led the section Electromagnetism in materials. There were discussed the questions of theoretical calculating electromagnetic fields in materials and development and research of magnetic separators using the latest materials and technologies. The results of investigations will be published in the foreign professional issue Electrical Review which is a high rating issue in the SCOPUS list. Agreement on Cooperation between electrotechnical department at Maribor University (Slovenia) and Institute of electromechanics, energy saving and management systems at KrNU was concluded during the Symposium.

Within the frames of the working visit to Poland rector of KrNU Mykhailo Zagirnyak went to Lviv where he met rector of National University Lvivska Politechnika Yurii Bobalo. They discussed the question of signing the Agreement on Cooperation between universities which would give opportunities for scientific and teaching exchange, common participation to international scientific conferences and publications in the professional editions of the universities, including the foreign ones.