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Dmytro Mamchur, assistant at the Department of automatic management and electrical drive, goes his internship in China

According to the invitation of the Gansu Province Government (Chinese People Republic) Dmytro Mamchur, assistant at the Department of automatic management and electrical drive, goes his two-month internship in Lanzhou from the 3rd of September within the framework of Gansu International Fellowship Program.

The above mentioned program involves studying the basis of Chinese language, acquainting with Cinese culture, political system, visiting industrial enterprises of the Gansu Province, searching for the ways of cooperation and having practice in accordance with the professional, educational and scientific activity of the participants.

This year the participants have come from all over the world: Spain, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Japan, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Italy, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Romania, Madagascar, Sweden, Kenya, Uruguay and Chile.

According to the terms of the program the participants are settled on the territory of the main campus at Lanzhou University.

One should note that the total number of higher education establishments in the city with 3 million of population is 17. And Lanzhou University is the biggest in Province leading higher education establishment in the north-western region of China. It holds high positions in the general rating of universities.

During the first week of the program the participants have got acquainted to the city and the territory of the main university campus and met with the representatives of International Relations Department from Gansu Provincial People Government. They were shown the sphere of activity of this institution.

Besides there was also a meeting of representatives of higher education establishments from Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania and New Zealand with Dean of the International Education Faculty Mrs. Zhang Guojin.

Dean made an excursion in the main university campus and the participants had an opportunity to see accommodations for international students, PhD students and meet srudents from Kramenchuk.

The interns visited the School of Automatization & Electric Engineering where two of Kremenchuk participants will study. Despite the meeting took place on Sunday, all the laboratories were opened. A lot of students and teaching staff worked there.

On Thursday, the 12th of September, the program participants visited the main office of International Relations Department in Gansu Province where they had an acquaintance with leadership and administrative staff of the department and some of the national traditions.