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Thematic-informational seminar If you do first steps in Science

Thematic-informational seminar If you do first steps in Science took place at Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University on the 24th of September. The event was dedicated to discussing urgent problems of climate changes, especially making the youth acquainted with the results of the student discussion on the questions of green energetics which was held within the framework of the Third Vyshehrad Round Table on the questions of climate changes (Banska Bystrytsia, Slovakia, July 1 2, 2012) and materials of the regional round tables taking place in Ukrainian universities during August September in Ternopil, Berdiansk, Uman, Kamianets-Podilskyi. They spread scientific knowledge, discussed prospects of growing and applying biofuel cultures in Ukraine. The event was supported by a small grant of the US Embassy in Ukraine for those who graduated educational programs.

Participants of the thematic-informational seminar were teachers and student of KrNU, representatives of Kamianets-Podilsk City Council, Berdiansk Society of Young Scientists, journalists of the local press. Rector prof. Mykhailo Zagirnyak took a speech of welcome and emphasized the importance of informational company about climate changes especially for the young generation which will live in the conditions increasing climate changes.

Dean of the Natural Sciences Department prof. V. M. Shmandii made a special emphasis on the importance of scientific researches which are developed at the Department. They concern problems of climate changes and constant development. He told about new scientific trend which is based on the combination of phytoremediation method with using biofuel cultures of the second generation for removing heavy metals from water and land resources.

Prof. of the Department of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of V. V. Pidlisnyuk had plenary report mechanism climate change influence on the state of natural resources and stressed the importance of providing information for the developing effective adaptation measures against climate changes.

Nataliia Tatarinova from Kamianets-Podilsk caused a lively interest among seminar participants by her report about the project of utilizing energy-saving fluorescent bulbs which is now implemented with the support of local authorities.

PhD student of the Department of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Julia Melnyk reported results of her own researches concerning the impact of climate changes on the quality of surface water resources in Ukraine.

At the end of the event, participants watched a film with informationional providing climate changes, created by members of the regional seminar in Kamianets-Podilsk and discussed the possible topics for the next student seminar that is scheduled for the Fourth Vyshehrad Round Table roundtable on the issues of climate changes.

V.V. Pidlisniuk, Professor of Environmental and Nature Organization Faculty, I.A. Soloshych, Associate Professor of Environmental and Nature Organization Faculty