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Psychology is the science of future

Regional scientific-methodological seminar for young scientists was held on the 22nd of September. The event was supported by Educational Department at the Executive Committee of Kremenchuk City Council and Educational Department of Kremenchuk Raion State Administration.

A number of master-classes (How to chose a profession?, coordinator prof. of Poltava V.H.Korolenko National Pedagogical University V.F.Morhun; Training interpersonal communication senior lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Pedagogigs and Philosophy at KrNU S.H.Davydiuk; Psychological technologies of leadership practical psychology in the Lyceum #4 L.Y.Kuharenko) and the lecture How to formulate a theme and content of the scientific work made by pupils and students? took place within the framework of the seminar.

A new academic year at the School of Young Psychologists stated at the same time. We want our faculty to become a centre for youth who is interested in psychology and for professional psychologists. Master-classes have been held by our lecturers and specialists we are working with. The project is oriented at the pupils of the 10 11th forms. It is just the age to make a choice, to overcome the way from adolescence to maturity. In addition pupils will spread knowledge received there among their class-mates and parents, said Head of the Faculty of Psychology, Pedagogigs and Philosophy prof. T.B.Poiasok.

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