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KrNU PhD students do their internship in Germany
This seminar was organized by Scientific centre East-West conducted by Doctor Gabriel Gorzka.

The seminar themes were divided into several theoretical blocks. The first one concerned the main principles of managing in saving energy for house buildings and climate changes, political conditions, EU directives, bills on the energy saving, programs of supporting green energy. The second block was prepared by the organizers of the seminar. They considered the questions of calculating the heat conductivity, transferring warmth in the opaque building materials, opaque heat insulation. In the third block the conference participants dealt with the problems of dampproofing, its appropriate norms, inner climate of the building, the obstructing diffusion layer, condensate formation, damp in the house buildings, capillarity. The forth block was connected with the questions of hermeticity, demand to it and examples of hermeticity measurements, demands to the gluing of hermetic layers. The conference participants became acquainted with the notion of warmth bridges, results of infrared thermography, found the weak points of house buildings, the places of losing warmth in the outer insulation. The fifth block was dedicated to the energy saving equipment, which included typical schemes of heating, control systems and technical equipment. The final sixth block concerned conception of effective energy house, i.e. principles of effective energy building, energy standards, energetic optimization of the living houses, effective energy atrium.

Kassel University is 40 already and it is universal, because there are a lot of different institutes there: architectural and physics-technical, mathematic and musical, economic and chemistry, electrotechnical and agricultural. Each of them develops University in the whole. More than 100 different firms were created on the basis of the higher educational establishment during the period of its existence. They are engaged in the implementing of the created projects into production. The participants of the abovementioned seminar were representatives of the University subsidiary company ZUB. They reported about their innovational developments in the sphere of energy saving and energy efficiency in the house buildings.

Besides the theoretical courses the participants were presented the University laboratory equipment which is of course on the highest level. All the mechanisms, test benches and devices are modern, automated and programmed, and the laboratories are computerized.

In additions there were also two excursions to the industrial objects in Kassel. The first one was the progressive enterprise of producing energy transformers SMA Solar Technology AG. The participants found out the vision and prospects of the company, visited manufacturing shops and the laboratory where the company workers enhance their qualification. The company supply energy for itself. It is generated by the solar batteries located on the territory of the enterprise.

The second object of excursion was Kassel Non-commercial Housing Corporation ( GWG). The delegates were shown the process of sanitizing the house building and enhancing its energy efficiency.

The last year our PhD students were satisfied that Kassel had not only a great scientific basis but also a lot of cultural and historic monuments. This year they visited Brothers Grimm Museum, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe and old masters picture gallery which has been exhibiting in the halls of Kassel Wilhelmshöhe Palace since 1956. The halls dedicated to Holland and Flemish painters (Rembrandt, Rubens, van Dyck) are the pride of Kassel Gallery.

During the visit to Germany our PhD Students got the priceless experience of communicating with foreign colleagues, got acquainted with the scientific achievements of German Sceintiscts in the sphere of energy saving, gained knowledge which they would apply to their scientific activity and had a lot of positive impressions.

We would like to appeal to students, PhD students, and young scientists of our University to take part in different international programs more actively, to send applications for achieving foreign scholarships and grants. It is an excellent opportunity to get useful experience and knowledge. As the saying goes A rolling stone gathers no moss.