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IV National exhibition Innovation in Modern Education took place on 16-18 October, 2012 at Exhibition Centre ievEkspoPlaza.
IV National exhibition Innovation in Modern Education took place on 16-18 October, 2012 at Exhibition Centre ievEkspoPlaza. Exhibition organizers were: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, and "Exhibitions World" company.

Our university has won gold for Development and creation of up-to-date technical training facilities for implementation into education practice nomination for two years running. 625 HEIs of different ranks and ownership types, academic institution, methodical centres, regional and municipal educational authorities, publishers, international organization and representatives, enterprises and stakeholders supporting educational sphere took part in this event. Educational institutions and representative offices from Swiss Confederation, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Italy were sharing their best practice in collaboration with Ukrainian colleagues and gave sight of HEIs admission regulations, student exchange programmes, and after-graduate education abroad to future entrants and their parents, teaching and supervising educational staff.

Among the exhibition participants were: 99 universities, academies, institutions, colleges, technical institutions, research guidance centres, international institutions; 417 institutions for after-graduate education, schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, pre-school and out-of-school educational establishments; 74 training centres and vocational technical institutions; 35 enterprises, companies, producing companies and distributors of training aids, publishers, mass media. Delivers of training equipment and informational and production systems presented electronic training aids, tutorials, study guides, etc. Educational web-portals offered their automated control systems for document management at educational institutions, e-libraries with multimedia content and various sms-services. The topical problems of up-to-date educational development were discussed during 128 workshops and round-table conferences, where the innovative highlights of educational institutions and their implementation into the teaching techniques, advanced methods, courseware, telecommunication and computer training systems were broadly presented.