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Professor V. Pidlisniuk undergoes her internship in the USA
The internship is held at Kansas State University ( in the university town Manhattan which numbers 52,000 inhabitants. This is the first US university founded in 1863 as Land Grant University for conducting researches and consulting people. Its activity is supported by the US budget. Today the university budget is formed with funds which come both from the budget of the state and from the tuition fee, grants for conducting scientific researches and educational programs, payments of the former graduates and donations of individuals and associations. According to Prinston Rewiev Kansas State University is one of the best ten US universities in technical and agricultural branches. According to the US News and World report it is among 75 best universities in the US.

The number of students studying at the university is 23,800. They come from the US 50 states and from 90 countries of the world. 4,200 lecturers and research workers have their job here. Kansas State University has the biggest number of Carnegie professors than any of the US universities. Since 1916 the university is accredited by the US Higher Educational Committee. It is also a leading institution on the personal grants gained by the students (Phodes, Marchall, Truman, Goldwater, Udall). The University has the departments of architecture, planning and science, Art and science, administrating business, education, engineering, humanity ecology, technology and aviation, veterinary medicine, agriculture.

The university has 65 Master, 45 PhD, 22 certified graduating interdisciplinary and 250 Bachelor programs. Since the university is in the system of Land Grant Universities, it has comparatively developed consulting system which provides services and consultations to the inhabitants of the state in all 105 counties of Kansas State.

Master programs on architecture and design, engineering and agriculture are the most popular and the most famous in the USA and abroad. The university conducts researches to orders of the Ministry of Defense of the US and has cooperation with Agency of agriculture. The university embraces one of the biggest research agricultural fields where the experiments with growing up biofuel plants take place.

The university cooperates with Agency on Environmental Protection. They study ecological influence of pollutions on the territories of the National Park Kansa which is a prairie located in the Kansas State.

Prof. V. Pidlisniuk undergoes internship at the Engineering Departmnent, on the chmical engineering faculty and in the Centre of dangerous waste products supervised by Larry Ericksson, Head of the Centre. There was organized a meeting with prof. James Steichen who teaches the course on natural resources and stability and leads the Master program. There was established that prof. V. Pidlisniuk would teach the lectures within the frameworks of this course on the topics Sustained development main notions, Indicators of sustained development, Sustained water use, Sustained agriculture.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS DEPARTMENT (according to the materials of prof. V. Pidlisniuk)