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Internship of prof. Valentyna Pidlisniuk at Kansas State University (the USA)
The lectures on the course Basis of sustained development were delivered in the period from January 22 to February 12 for the students of specialty Basis of management of nature and environmental protection within the frameworks of the compulsory course Management of nature and sustained development. Students can study at this specialty as the second basic one and get the second diploma after having finished two years at the university. They also have to study courses Fundamentals of ecology, Macroeconomics and Fundamentals of statistics, and pay additional fee.

The audience attending lectures comprised the students of the Departments of Biology, Engineering, Agriculture, Chemistry and Geography. The lectures were delivered in cooperation with James Steichen, professor of Department of Engineering Agricultural Ecology. The lectures concerned the history of forming sustained development and fundamentals of ecological, economic and social threads to the development, indicators of the sustained development and sustained water use.

Prof. Valentyna Pidlisniuk together with prof. Larry Erickson and prof. Lawrence Devis has finished the common publication Review of of Miscanthus as a second generation biofuel crop for phytoremediation.

In co-authorship with prof. Larry Erickson there were prepared three thesis reports for two conferences on the sustained development in Kremenchuk (Ukraine), International conference on sustained development in agriculture (Chroatia) and the 10th International conference on remediation (the USA).

Prof. V. Pidlisniuk attended six lectures of the course Global ecological changes and humanity answers delivered by prof. John Harrington. The lectures concerned causes of climate changes, results of climate changes, the influence of climate changes into water resources, geological and geographical phenomena confirming climate changes, mitigating actions against climate changes, global changes of land resources.

On the 12th of February prof. V. Pidlisniuk took part in the monthly meeting of Consortium on environmental protection and sustainability. The meeting was held on-line. Benjamin Champion, assistant professor and head of sustainability at Kansas State University, told the participants about initiatives of conducting education for the sustained development at the University, which were to be implemented in 2013 2014. Prof. V. Pidlisniuk introduced the course of lectures delivered at Kansas State University and initiatives about cooperation with KrNU. KrNU was suggested to join Consortium on environmental protection and sustainability (without payments) and to take part in the following meetings on-line.

Prof. V. Pidlisniuk visited Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering and the laboratory for detecting radioactive elements and nuclear analysis. The visit was organized with the help of Philip Ugorowski, research assistant professor of the Department.

On the 14th of February there was celebrated the 150th first university college anniversary. The decree about foundation of the university issued on the 16th of February 1863 by Kansas State Parliament was the first one after the Civil ar. On the occasion 0of the anniversary there was organized a gala meeting participated by Governor of Kansas State, Head of Chamber of State Representatives, President of the University, heads of student organizations.

With the help of prof. Lawrence Devis prof. V. Pidlisniuk got an opportunity to visit the Senate and Chamber of Kansas State Representatives.

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