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KrNU gained the Quality of scientific papers Certificate
During 2012 the research and teaching staff of our university have published the results and findings of their research activities in Ukrainian and foreign scientific journals, the total amount is 1432 and 114 papers correspondingly, those in the titles included in the international citation and bibliographic databases, such as VINITI, Scopus, Web of Science, -library, Ulrich`s, Index Copernicus, Inspec and others. As a result of this high activity and according to the ranking of Ukrainian universities based on the data of SciVerse Scopus, our university gained the Quality of scientific papers Certificate, as it has the h-index 6 due to 60 scientific articles and 95 citations published in Scopus by 32 our researchers. The ceremonial certificate was presented within the IV International exhibition Modern educational establishments - 2013 that took place at exhibition centre KievEkspoPlaza from 28 February till 2 March, 2013.

Department of scientific research