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Delegation from Umpqua Community College visits KrNU
Last year Kremenchuk was visited by members of Umpqua Singers band with their director Jason Heald and Director of Workforce and Community Education Pete Bober. The meeting was held under the agreement between Umpqua Community College, Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University and Uzhgorod National University.

This year the representatives of the American college administrative sector arrived to the university with official visit. The delegation included:

Dr. Roxanne Kelly, Vice-President of Instruction

Jason Aase, Dean of Arts and Science

Pete Bober, Director of Workforce and Coomunity Education

Susan Rochester, Fine and Performing Arts Department Chairman and Faculty Member

Martha Joyce, Business Department Chair and Faculty Member

The delegation arrived toUkraine on April 4 and had three days for meetings with representatives of American programs in Ukraine, getting acquaintance with the culture and history of our country, as well as excursions around Kyiv.

On April 5 a round table was held with Ann M. Merrill, Regional Director Eurasia and Europe and educational center EducationUSA, Viktoria Mikhailenko, Manager EducationUSA of the Advising Center, and coordinator of the exchange program for young scientists and students Fulbright Inna Barish. American colleagues had the idea of organizing the lecturers` exchange within the Fulbright program for teaching at our university and vice versa.

Delegates discussed the terms of internship for representatives of higher education institutions abroad as part of the "Open World" program with Oksana Semenyshyn and Inna Vdovenko. It is worth reminding that 10 lecturers of Kremenchuk National University had an opportunity to go to the USA to study peculiarities of American system of education due to the close cooperation of Umpqua Community College, Kremenchuk National University and Uzhhorod National University within this program.

On the next day, April 6, "Open World" volunteer held out the excursion in Kyiv for the guests. The delegates were impressed by the beauty of Ukrainian capital. They visited the Golden Gates, St. Sophia Cathedral, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Museum of Miniatures, Museum of books where everyone was accompanied by the Museum Director personally.

Despite April 7 was a weekend, it was very tense. KrNU Representatives prepared various presentations with the help of which I. Hovrak, assistant professor Department of Finance and Credit, introduced American colleagues the education system in Ukraine, D. Mamchur, assistant professor of Department of Automatic Control and Electric Drive, introduced the structure of our university, T. Hryhorova, assistant of Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, introduced a system of distant learning that was developed only in two areas of training, O. Chorniy, Director of Institute of Electromechanics, Energy Saving and Control Systems introduced virtual complexes, which allowed to conduct laboratory tests without using expensive equipment.

A trip to Poltava was planned to be held after dinner. In the regional center our guests were warmly welcomed and had an excursion to Museum of Poltava Battle and Poltava museum of local lore, history and economy.

On Monday, April 8, the colleagues from abroad communicated with administration and teachers of our university.

There was a round table at Faculty of Economics and Management with the participation of representatives of the departments which was visited by Roxanne Kelly, Pete Bober and Martha Joyce. There was suggested the idea of conducting web-chats between students of the correlative specialties of our university and American college. The plan was to organize the first chat for establishing possible issues for discussions in economy branch. Besides there appeared an idea of student exchange during summer holidays for one month for getting acquaintance with history, culture and traditions of the USA and Ukraine.

At that time Jason Aase discussed scientific researches with S. Serhienko, Vice-Rector on Scientific and Pedagogic Work and Modern Technologies in Education, and V. Nikiforov, Head of Scientific and Research department.

Susan Rochester visited Children Artistic School and then, together with Jason Aase, was warmly welcomed in House of Children and Youth Creativity.

Afterwards three representatives of Umpqua Community College have a discussion with teachers and students of Translation department. The students presented their specialty and suggested developing the project of American-Ukrainian language club and conducting sports events during the student exchange.

Representatives of culture and mass sector, student self-government and student trade union welcomed guests with coropvay and in traditional Ukrainian costumes.

The guests were pleased to have an excursion in our university, to learn its history and biography of Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi whose name the university is proud of. O. Hrunych, Library Director, showed electronic library, made a short excursion in the reading hall where there were two exhibitions: Exhibition of sculptures created by Oleksii Leonov On the hearts call and exhibition of Olena Kovalenko portraits in graphite pencil and dry brash technique. V. Dudiuk, assistant professor at Department of processes and equipment for mechanical and processing surprised our American colleagues with KrNU technical projects such as laser and stream complex 5-400, A. Perekrest, assistant professor, Vice-Director of Institute of Electromechanics, Energy Saving and Control Systems, - complex control systems.

A bright presentation of Ukrainian customs and traditions was organized by Department of Ukrainian Studies under the leadership of V. Maslak. The guests were told traditional Ukrainian handicrafts. The teachers and students song Ukrainian songs, recited Taras Shevchenko poem, had a quiz on the knowledge of USA states and Ukrainian regions.

Representatives of Department of Finances and Credit conducted a master-class on embroidering, representatives of Department of Ukrainian Studies taught American colleagues to make charm dolls. At the end of the meeting the delegation was given sweet patties and uzvar which our guest liked very much.

The delegates together with representatives of City Council executive Committee discussed prospects of possible cooperation not only on university-college level but also on the level of cities Kremenchuk-Roseburg. We hope the idea of sister-cities will realized in a few years.

Our guest had a meeting with KrNU Rector M. Zagirnyak and signed a new tripartite agreement (together with Uzhhorod National University) according to which the following is suggested:

1. Exchange of faculty members and technical staff

2. Exchange of students

3. Conduct joint research activities

4. Participation in seminars and academic meetings

5. Special short-term academic programs

6. Cultural exchange activities

7. Joint participation in international training courses

8. Provide for undergraduate coursework at KrNU, UzNU and UCC

9. Provide opportunities for staff development for both universities by participation in sabbatical leave and other personnel development programs

10. Engage in consultancies

11. Other activities as deemed mutually appropriate.

On Tuesday, April 9, the results of the visited were summed up. All participants said that they hoped for further cooperation and common development of the educational establishments.