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Forth Round-Table Discussion on Current issues in Climate Change
Round Table discussion on Current Issues in Climate Change is an annual gathering of scientific workers, educators, students from the countries of Eastern and Central Europe which serves as a platform for presenting data in the field of mitigation and adaptation measures in climate change, to facilitate an exchange of information and ideas, to encourage and to promote promising new initiatives in line with the overall network objectives and stipulated areas of cooperation.

This year event was the forth one and devoted to the topic of second generation biofuels production and perspective of union growing with phytoremediation of contaminated sites and brown fields.

Event was organized in Kremenchuk, Ukraine on June 7th, 2013 at Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrogradskiy National University.

Researchers, faculty members, students and Ph.D. students from Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, and USA participated in the event. They represented the following universities:

- Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrogradskiy National University, Kremenchuk, Ukraine (KrNU)

- National University of Life and the Environment, Kyiv, Ukraine (NULES)

- Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia (MBU)

- Wroclaw Economic University, Poland (WEU)

- Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA (KSU).

In addition, representative from the Ecological inspections from the local governments in Kamenetz-Podislky and Kremenchuk (both Ukraine) actively participated in the 4RTDCC.

At the very beginning prof. Pidlisnyuk (KrNU/MBU) made an overview of the Round table background and main goals and expectations of the 4RTDCC. Participants Stefanovska (NULES,Ukraine), Ph.D. student Natalia Tatarinova (KrNU,Ukraine), master students Kseniya Bystrevska and Andrea Mikulová (MBU, Slovakia) and Larry Erickson (KSU,USA) made reports about the research on production of second generation biofuels and union of this process with phytoremediation of metal contaminated sites.

At the discussion followed the details of production the main second generation main crop - miscanthus and possibilities of its growing at the metal contaminated sites were overviewed. Participants from KSU, USA prof. Lawrence Devis and Kraig Roozeboom (united on-line) told about practical experience in production of miscanthus and agronomic and ecological aspects of it’s growing. Challenges of the process arise were deeply observed. Representative of local government in Kamenetz-Podislky Valery Klimenko discussed the topic of economic aspects while miscanthus growth will be united with phytoremediation of the contaminated sites.

Participants of the event exchanged their skills and knowledge in the field of phytoremediation process and ecological security while growing of biofuels. They expressed a desire to continue the joint research in this field and to deep the dialog within internet-conversations.

It was concluded to publish the reports presented at the 4RTDCC at the Scientific Notice of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrogradskiy National University.

The next 5th RTDCC is planned to be organized in June, 2014 and it will observe the challenges of ecological security while united second generation biofuel production with phytoremediation. The hosted university of the gathering will be announced late. After 4RTDCC participants had a meeting with Rector of KrNU prof.Mykhaylo Zagirnyak and gave an interview to the local newspaper. The local TV station in Kremenchuk made special news about the event.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS DEPARTMENT (according to the materials of prof. V. Pidlisniuk)