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Business School for Youth
In September 2013, the Business School for Youth has begun its work at the Department of Finances and Credit. The Business School for Youth is an educational project oriented on forming practical skills and competence as well as forming financial knowledge and enhancing the level of financial skilfulness of youth (in the tax, credit, insurance, budget and investment issues), promoting students-financiers to become professionals and to understand the importance of their profession; teaching parents through children, etc.

The project of the Business School for Youth was initiated by the Open World Program (American Councils on International Education, the USA) alumni Inna Khovrak, Assistant Prof. at the Department of Finances and Credits, and Andrii Markevych, Head of the International Relations Department, and supported by the Department of Press, Education and Culture at the Embassy of the United States in Ukraine within the framework of the program Grants for participants of the exchange programs.

The project envisages the series of seminars, trainings with attracting lecturers of the Department of Finances and Credit, experts in fields of taxation, crediting, insurance, budgeting and investment.

From October 15 to November 15, 2013, there will be conducted a city essay contest Youth in the modern world: thinking globally, acting locally which is to be realized by the Department of Finances and Credit together with the Executive Committee of the Kremenchuk City Council, Educational Department of the Executive Committee of the Kremenchuk City Council.

In September 26 27, 2013, on the basis of the Department of Accounting and Finances at Donetsk National University (DNU) there was organized a seminar about the organization and the work principle of the Business School for Youth, School of Young Economist, School of Young Auditor and Scholl of Young Analyst.

During the seminar, the representatives of schools, lecturers and students (participants and school graduates) communicated with each other and achieved advice on the development of regulations of the Business School for Youth, thematic and content of the seminars and lectures, methods of intensifying cognitive work of schoolchildren, interactive methods of training. The participants agreed about the participation of DNU representatives in the implementation of the nest project events. KrNU achieved methodical materials: textbooks, manuals, booklets and informational materials (both printed and video).

KrNU representatives had a meeting with Inessa Avanesova, Head of the DNU International Department, and discussed the issues of realizing international scientific projects, programs, agreements, grants and other forms of cooperation with foreign universities, institutions, organisations and funds.

The perspectives of cooperation between DNU and KrNU were consolidated by the agreement of cooperation.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS DEPARTMENT (on the materials of Assistant Professor Inna Khovrak)