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Meeting of the Open World alumni
In October 2013 Vera DeBuchanann, manager of the Open World Program in Washington (the USA), visited our university. She expressed a wish to meet with all the alumni of the program from our city. It was found out that besides 11 employees of our university, the representatives of the local press and judicial branch of Kremenchuk went abroad to exchange experience with foreign colleagues.

This year the program celebrates its anniversary 10 years of the Open World Program in Ukraine on the occasion of which a round table of alumni was conducted in Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University. They share their remembrances about the trip, told about the changes, which had happened thanks to the application of the achieved experience and discussed plans for the future.

Vera deBuchanannes trip to Kremenchuk was not accidental. All the present found out that her ancestors on the mothers side came to the USA more than 100 tears ago from Kremenchuk. Of course, searching for distant relatives seems almost impossible, but Vera DeBuchananne was excited with the fact of being on the land of her ancestors.

In the morning she was shown historical sightseeing of our city, our university and after the round table mountain Pyvykha with an incredible landscape of Dnipro. In the afternoon our guest went to Poltava where she had planed to a meet with other participants of the program.

It is worth mentioning that since 2009 KrNU employees have been taking part In the Open World Program on the topic Education. Owing to this program we have managed to establish cooperation with the Umpqua Commuity Colledge (Oregon) which turned out to be very fruitful.

International Relations Department express its gratitude for the participation in organizing and conducting the round table to

L. V. Artemenko, correspondent of the newspaper Telegraph;

V. V. Bala, assistant professor at Economics Department at KrNU;

A. I. Hladyr, Director of the Centre of Enhancing Qualification and Professional Adaptation at KrNU;

A. O. Kasych, Chair of the Accounting and Audit Department at KrNU;

S. V. Kulyasov, Depury Director of Publishing House Pryvatna Gazeta Private Enterprise;

R. V. Levchenko, Deputy Director of KrNU College;

O. I. Maslak, Chair of the Economics Department at KrNU;

V. O. Ohar, Vice Dean for Instructional Technology, Academic and Student Afairs of the Institute of Electromechanics, Energy Efficiency and Control Systems at KrNU;

A. L. Perekrest, Vice Dean of the Institute of Electromechanics, Energy Efficiency and Control Systems at KrNU;

A. B. Pochtovyuk, Chair of the Economics and Management Department at KrNU;

I. V. Khovrak, assistant professor at the Finances and Credit Department.