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Participation of Professor Valentina Pidlisnyuk in the 10th International Phytotechnology Conference, Syracuse, New York, USA
In October 1-4, 2013, the 10th International Phytotechnology Conference was held in Syracuse, New York State, USA. This annual event is recognized by global scientific and educational community as an international gathering uniting faculty members, researchers, Ph.D. and Master students from other educational units, business representatives from across the world specialized in phytoremediation, plant biology, general ecology and nanotechnologies. Conference was organized by International Phytoremediation Society in partnership with the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, located in Syracuse, Upstate New York, USA.

The International Phytotechnology Society (IPS) is a nonprofit, worldwide professional society comprised of individuals and institutions engaged in the science and application of plants to deal with environmental problems. The mission of the organization is to promote research, education, training, and application of those technologies that use plants to deal with problems of environmental contamination, carbon sequestration, alternative fuels, and ecological restoration. Phytotechnologies are the use of plants to remedy environmental problems. Plants can be used to clean or contain contaminants from soil, sediments, or water. Planted systems can degrade organic pollutants and extract heavy metals. Plants can be used to restore impacted ecosystems, provide biofuel, sequester carbon, improve air quality, and beneficially impact our environment. Advances have been made in research to identify and optimize plant capability to reduce risk and enhance environmental benefits.

Phytotechnology Areas are:

Phytoremediation Research on Fate and Transport of Contaminants

Ecorestoration and habitat creation


Health Benefits

Lessons From the Field


Greenroof Technology

Carbon Sequestration

The 10th International Phytotechnology Conference consisted of three plenary sessions, eighteen paragraph presentations sessions, five workshops and two poster sessions. The event was attended by 259 participants from 49 countries, including the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, China, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Czech Republic, Poland, Kazakhstan, Australia and others.

Prof. V. Pidlisnyuk was the only participant at the conference representing Ukraine and Slovakia, consequently Kremenchuk National University and Matej Bel University. She made an oral report Miscanthus for phytoremediation of contaminated soils at the paragraph presentation thirteen entitled Non-organic 2 on behalf of the international team: prof. Larry Erickson from Kansas State University, USA, Doctor Iveta Nagyova and Assoc. prof. Zyzanna Melichova from Matej Bel University Slovakia and herself. The report presented data from two years observations of the phytostabilization process of heavy metals Co and Cu by using biofuel crops of second generation miscanthus synersis planted in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia in the artificially contaminated soils with different concentrations of metals and salts. Also data from 2013 when miscanthus giganteus was planted in a real soil from Kamenetz-Podilsky, Ukraine, contaminated by Zn, Pb and Cu. After the report prof. V. Pidlisnyuk received a number of questions including the question from prof. Alan Baker from School of Botany, the University of Melbourne, Australia, the founder of phytoremediation research, about the profits while using biofuels crops for phytoremediation. Also prof. Nelson Marmiroli from the University of Parma, Italy, one of the famous specialist in phytotechology, put a number of questions regarding the approaches for studying the kinetic of phytoremediation process.

While at the conference prof. V. Pidlisnyuk met with participants in person and discussed the possible cooperation in research, namely: prof. Lee Newman from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, University of New York, USA, Doctor Tomas Vanek from the Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Academy of Science, Czech Republic, prof. Stanislaw Gavrowski, Wroclaw University of Life Science, Poland, prof. Eugenia Olguin, Environmental Biotechnology Research group, Mexico.

Results of the report are planned to be submitted into the International Journal of Phytoremediation after receiving additional data from this year on-going research. Prof. V. Pidlisnyuk and her research group were invited to present new research data at the 11th Phytotechnology Conference which was planned to be held in the Technical University of Cyprus in October, 2014.

Participation of prof. V. Pidlisnyuk in the 10th International Phytotechnology Conference was supported by Faculty of Natural Resources, Matej Bel University, Slovakia, Fulbright Alumni Association in Ukraine and Centre of Hazardous Wastes at Kansas State University, USA.

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