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Open World Program
Five years in row the representatives of our university became participants of of the Open World Program of American Councils. This year Assoc. Prof. A. Perekrest and V. Bala went to the USA.

The Open World Program aim at strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation between Ukraine and the USA by giving an opportunity to Ukrainian leader from different areas to meet their American colleagues and to exchange experience and ideas on the most important issues for both sides. The Open World Program is the only one exchange program of the legislative branch in the USA. It is financed by the U. S. Congress.

The stages of the program included meetings with the Congress representatives of Congress, Senate and public organizations in Washington.

The main part of the program was held in Umpqua Community College (Roseburg, Oregon). The Program in Roseburg was very intensive: the delegates acquainted themselves with peculiarities of the college system for the local community in the USA, their funding, principles of developing and maintaining educational programs. Besides the delegates presented their cities, Ukrainian educational system and the life in Ukraine for students-sociologists.

Visiting on-line chemical laboratory, medical laboratory of the college, reviewing on-line system of education and laboratory for diagnosing Toyota autos were the most interesting.

The representatives of our university conducted preliminary negotiations about the possibilities of organizing distant lectures and practical lessons in the certain disciplines and introducing exchange student program between KrNU and UCC with transferring the credits for students of the similar disciplines. American colleagues were also interested in the faculty and student exchanges which give opportunities to undergo trainings abroad.
We hope for further cooperation and development of joint projects between KrNU and UCC.