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Mutually profitable agreement
Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University has every prospect of success in becoming a competent partner to the City Executive Committee. And with this purpose the local authorities applied to the educational institution and proposed to enter into a partnership agreement. Actually, such cooperation lasted in the past, but new standards of life dictates new requirements. In the first place it concerns the scientific justification of administrative decisions concerning the realization of innovational projects and social programs in the town. At the same time KrNU has powerful research capabilities, which are ready to work for good of the town.

Currently, the city has established a working group which is to prepare the two sides finally agreed text of the agreement. It is planned to sign it to the end of this year to budget the necessary expenditure for the implementation of the directions which are in the document. It concerns the strategic plan of development of the local economy, attraction of investments, realization of different social researches, exchange of specialists and students with scholastic institutions of foreign twin towns, cultural and projects for youth, etc.

For two years Kremenchuk has been working at creation of the industrial park Central. The experts of the local authorities and Kremenchuk Centre of International Cooperation and Economical Development of the city Kremenchuk Invest are now at the final stage of execution of the official package. After its ratification industrial park Central will be added to the state list. After this the process of its development begins, which will require appropriate specialists which the University trains.

In future the authority plans to develop a new program Kremenchuk is a creative city, which requires not only scientific study but also large-scale social researches. University administration headed by Mykhaylo Zagirnyak is ready to cooperate with the authorities and offers assistance not only in the realization of these projects but also in solving other typical problems. The leadership of the University emphasizes the necessity for closer cooperation with industrial enterprises and business institutions concerning the training of personnel with higher education. The educational institution is ready to adjust the qualification courses of bachelors, specialists and masters training, if they will be provided with place for practice and job.

All this was discussed at the meeting of the working group which took place on December 5 in Kremenchuk city hall with Deputy Mayor Victor Kalashnyk, Vitaly Maleckyi, heads of structural subdivisions and media. Five vice-rectors represented the KrNU at the meeting: Nykyforov Volodymyr Valentynovych, Kostin Viktor Volodymyrovych, Usatiuk Volodymyr Mykhailovych, Sergiienko Valentyna Vasylivna, Serhiienko Serhii Anatoliiovych. During the meeting all have an opportunity to speak and to suggest their own sight of participation of The University in the realization of the agreement.