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Volleybal tournament "Cup of the of the student trade union committee - 2013"
The volleyball match "Cup of the student trade union committee (STUC) - 2013" took place on the 11th of December at Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University. At the begging it was the casting of lots, which divided volleyball teams into two groups.

Group A: Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNS), Institute of Mechanics and Transport (IMT), Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM).

Group: B: Faculty of Law, Humanity and Social Sciences (FLHSs), Institute of Electromechanics, Energy Saving and Automatic Control Systems (IEESACS), joint team of the local trade union committee. Just from the begging the struggle was rage. All the teams were going to prove that they had a dignity to win, that`s why they fought for each ball, thumbed the teeth at their opponents.

Before the competition starts, the team of the Faculty of Law, Humanity and Social Sciences was favorite, because it was this team that became a triumphal last year. As we saw in practice they got this title in the unusual manner.

In the group A: the Institute of Mechanics and Transport won a victory without any problems, which was sensational news to beat the Faculty of Economics and Management with the score 15:1. In particular this game was final. Each team had 1 victory point in their score table.


FNS IMT 0:1 (8:15)

IMT FEM 1:0 (15:1)

FNS FEM 0:1 (13:15)

I) IMT 4


III) FNS - 2

Group B also had a leader team which won in cold blood every match. FLHSs achieved a good game and the plans to win the championship. The team (IEESACS) and students the local trade union committee tried to stay in their way, showed us interesting united game.


FLHSs IEESACS 1:0 (15:9)

IEESACS - STUC 1:0 (15:8)

FLHSs - 1:0 (15:7)

I) FLHSs 4



For the time-limit tournament the play-off was conducted after the group lap.

5-6 place FNS STUC 1:0 (15:4)

For the large score the game was without any intrigue. With the result that FNS won the match and took place number 5.

3-4 place FEM IEESACS 0:1 (7:15)

Match debut with teams struggle remembered for us, how the join groups tried to win the bronze. In contrast to the end-game the players of IEESACS won the score-point without any chance for their opponent.


FLHSs IMT 1:0 (15:8)

The game which was expected to be tense struggle was very intensive disregard at score. The mistakes were prevented for IMT to show an interesting team-match. FLHSs won the tournament the second time, pointed unbelievable game and dictating their conditions for all opponents. Immediately right after the fight the leader of the team FLHSs Puhach Oleksandr shared his impressions with us: Emotions overflowing! I want to thank my team for the good game and sponsors which organizes this tournament six years in row. I was impressed by supporters group, which were with us on emotional level and helped to win the game.