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“University Queen – 2013”
Amazing atmosphere, Scorpions’, Tina Turner’s songs, bikers on motorbikes. All this could be seen at the final show “Wonderful transformation: from tomboy to lady”, open beauty, talent and intellect contest “University Queen – 2013”, which took place on the 5th of December in the municipal Place of culture.

12 finalists competed for the chance to obtain the honorary title. And half of them (students of our University) competed for the title “University Queen”, and the other 6 (students of Kremenchuk schools and educational institution of the 1st and 2nd levels of accreditation) competed for the title “Princess of fantasy” and “Princess of Charm”. Except sponsoring group, the show this year was prepared only by creative forces of the University. Masters of the ceremony were student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, anchorman Taras Zasiadko and the student of Faculty of Economics and Management Olena Vasylenko have also added spice to the show roller skating on the scene. The folk school of choreography and plastique of KrNU “On the verge between” presented a wonderful composition in Mexican style to the audience.

Highly distinguished jury was headed by rector of the University, honoured science and technical worker of Ukraine Mykhaylo Zagirnyak. Deputy mayor Vitalii Maletskyi, director of the beauty agency “Maria-Art-Studio” Tamara Borysova, director of the retail network “The flower of hummingbird” Mykhailo Yaryna, director of the wedding agency “Luxury Wedding”, deputy of municipality Oleksandr Berezianskyi, director of the fashion agency “Eve” Yuliia Radiuk, director of the broadcasting station “Europe Plus Kremenchuk” Alla Naumchyk also formed membership of the jury.

Contest “University Queen – 2013” gives a priceless experience for participants. Some of them took part in a fashion parade for the first time, some made their debut on such huge audience. For some such creative competition was the first in their life. Girls were taught to win and to obtain useful skills which will be helpful during the whole life.

Olena Timofieieva, the stage director of the contest, specialist in the technique of speech and oratory helped them to overcome the most difficult stage of the contest – speech. The choreographer, head of school of dance and fitness “Degaje”, Anastasiia Chyschova dealt with staging of waltz.

The winners became:

- the nomination “Attractiveness and grace” (fashion parade in sports shorts and tops, where gracefulness, attractive appearance and plastique were evaluated) was given to the participant ¹3 Iryna Chekina, the first-year student of the Faculty of Economics and Management, who wanted to be useful and to help people, she wrote poetry and sang; - the nomination “Beauty and talent” (creative contest) was given to the participant ¹11 Iryna Sheleiko (gymnasium ¹6);

- the nomination “Nobleness and prettiness” (fashion parade in evening dresses and performance of waltz, where posture, ability to dance in evening dresses , and also light step on high-heels were evaluated) was given to the participant ¹2 Valentyna Khablo, the second-year student of Faculty of Natural Sciences. She sang in rock-group and dreamt to record a song in the professional studio;

- the nomination “Intellect and fantasy” (speeches contest “Many-sided predestination of woman” with slide-presentation, where creativity and oratory were evaluated) was given to the competitor ¹7 Nataliia Ridkokasha (KrNU College).

Anastasia Riaboshapka, a participant ¹4, the student of Kremenchuk Makarenko Professional College, who dreamt to become a clothes designer won the title “The princess of fantasy”.

The jury was anonymous that Diana Pushkar deserved the title “The princess of Charm”, the student of school ¹10, whose oriental dance with a shawl impressed the audience.

The University queen became the competent ¹1 Valeriia Kirichko. She is the first-year student of the Faculty of Law, Humanity and Social Sciences. She adores rock music and extreme, she dances and sings excitingly. The wonderful execution of the song “Rolling in the deep”, sensual inspiring speech about woman “One can’t become muse, one can be born muse” and a passionate fashion parade won the hearts of the audience.

The title of the deputy queen was given to the first-year student of the Faculty of Law, Humanity and Social Sciences, Yuliia Chrienko (¹4) who has been keen on sports dance since her childhood. She sets herself new objects and reaches them easily. Her dance composition “Only” with folk theatre of dance “Gloria” impressed by beauty and skill and provoked a storm of cheers.

Acrobatic etude “Feelings” of Kateryna Sapelkina, the fifth-year student of the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering, was also consummate.

The participants received gifts from the sponsors of the contest, namely the store "Gold Plus", wedding agency "Luxury wedding", retail network "Bordeaux – the area of good taste", dance studio "Reverence", European confectionery "Adagio", bistro "Chelentano" , model agency "Eve" and others.

Titled girls were also crowned with diadems from the shop network “The flower of hummingbird”. All 20 participants received a gift – photoshoot from the artist Yuriy Yazovtsev. The prize award from readers of the newspaper “Kremenchutska panorama” was given to Maryna Sheptun, the third-year student of the Institute of Mechanics and Transport. She considers spiritual development and happy family as her priorities, and prize award from the newspaper “Kremenchuk Today” – to Iryna Sheleiko (gymnasium ¹6).

Let us remind that the next-year open contest of girls’ beauty, talent and intellect will be jubilee. For 10 years “The University Queen” gives incredible supply of beauty, positivity and skill. It is a mystery whether it surpasses this “wonderful transformation” or not. We wish our finalists to continue saving the world with their beauty!