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International training in Georgia
On January 8 14, 2014 in Georgia International Centre for Peace and Integration conducted the training Collaborative Consumption. This event was organized within the frameworks of the Youth in Action Program with the help of which European Commission aims at promoting intercultural dialogue, tolerance and solidarity outside of the European Union. It strives to demolish stereotypes and superstitions, to create the society established on the mutual understanding and respect which will contribute to the development of the civic society and strengthening of the democratic processes in the Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries.

During the week the youth from Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Czech Republic, France, Italy and France was listening to the lectures about the ways of exchanging goods, knowledge and services. Our university was represented be Iryna Anurina, specialist of the International and Public Relations Department, Andrii Volynets, student of the Faculty of Law, Humanity and Social Sciences, and Tetiana Khrebtova, student of the Institute Of Electromechanics, Energy Saving and Automatic Control Systems.

Collaborative consumption is an economic model based on the collaborative use of goods and services, the exchange instead of the purchase and the rent instead of the ownership. This model has at its basis the idea that it is more convenient for some people to pay for the temporal access to the product than to own this product.

So things are not free but they can be bought without money with the help of exchange.