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Institute of Mechanics and Transport

 The Faculty was founded in 1992. it provides training for Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s qualifying degrees in the following branches of knowledge:

– Metallurgy and Material Science;
– Mechanical Engineering and Material Processing.

Departments : “Engineering Material Study”,
“Manufacturing Engineering”,
“Machine Tools and Machine Complexes”,
“Technical Mechanics”,
“Engineering and computer graphics department“,
“Automobiles and tractors department“,
“Transport technologies department“,
“Machinery and technological equipment design department“.

More than 800 students; forms of education: full-time and instruction by correspondence.

Fields of study
Engineering Material Study; Engineering Mechanics.

Applied Material Science; Mechanical Engineering Technology; Metal-Cutting Equipment and Systems (specialization – Computer-Aided Design of Machine-Tools), Metal-Forming Equipment.

Branches of specialists training
Research of existing and creation of new materials; identification of mechanical, physical and technological priperties and certification of materials; technical-economic and environmental assessment of materials and technologies usage; conventional and high technologies; design and operation of metal-cutting machine-tools, metal forming equipment; complex mechanization and automation in mechanical engineering; automation of mechanical, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic production processes; management and marketing of technological processes and equipment; quality control and certificating of mechanical engineering products.


   The department head is doctor of technical sciences, full professor and academician of the Transport academy of sciences of Ukraine Anatoliy Petrovych Soltus.

Educational building ¹4, room. 4201, Telephone: 38 (5366) Ç2017.


Automobiles and tractors department was established in 1975. The first elected head of the department was an associate professor Y.O. Derkach. The department’s faculty and staff have developed high quality laboratory and methodological bases that allowed preparing specialists at eve-ning and extramural forms of education. Since 1990 the department has been preparing the full-tame preparation of the specialists in “Automobile and tractor building” and since 1995 in “Automobile and automobile fleet” majors.

The main line of the department’s faculty and staff activities is the creation of new labs and their fitting out with modern equipment and instruments. The department has been implementing mod-ern CAD software which provides for high quality preparation of bachelors and specialists.

Since 1995 the department has been headed by doctor of technical sciences, full professor and academician of the Transport academy of sciences of Ukraine Anatoliy Petrovych Soltus.

One of the department’s main research lines is the wheeled vehicles stability and steerability under the supervision of full prof. A.P. Soltus. Within this line one doctorate and two candidate theses have been defended, young lecturers and post-graduates are preparing their theses. After those works cycle has been completed the steerability of a new KrAZ truckline has been consequently improved and the newest truckline of high efficient vehicle flotation (HEVF) VEPR that includes three truck models.

Other lines of the department’s research activities are as follows: environmental safety of diesel engines supervised by associate prof. V.F. Shapko where a line of catalyst designs have been developed; development of unconventional analytical methods of raising the fuel consumption modeling accuracy (supervised by associate prof. V.V. Pavlenko and O.V. Pavlenko); the use of biofuel in diesel engines (supervised by associate prof. S.M. Chernenko, assistant lecturer A.I. Atamas); the improvement of breaking quality and monitoring of vehicles fuel consumption (supervised by associate prof. Y.F. Kholodnyi).


The department head is doctor of technical sciences, full professor Oleksandr Havrylovych Maslov. Full professor O.H. Maslov is the member of the section of MON of Ukraine Scientific council in specialty line “Machine-building”, the member of the section of MON of Ukraine methodological council for machine-building and metalworking production.

Educational building ¹2, room. 2305, Telephone: 38 (5366) Ç1108.

The department is one of the oldest departments of the University and was established as far back as in November of 1974. Associate professor A.I. Chornoknyzhnyi was the first head of department who has been working at the department until now. The char provides the students’ engineering training in 6 standard subjects in “Machine-building” line and prepares masters and spe-cialists in “Lifting and shifting, construction site and land reclamation machines and equip-ment” major.

Since 1982 the department has been unchallengedly headed by doctor of technical sciences, full professor Oleksandr Havrylovych Maslov. Full professor O.H. Maslov is the member of the section of MON of Ukraine Scientific council in specialty line “Machine-building”, the member of the section of MON of Ukraine methodological council for machine-building and metalworking production.

The department uses 5 specialized labs and a computer classroom. The department has created about 10 new laboratory benches and prepared more than 50 learner's guides for delivering new major classes.

The first graduation of specialists in “Lifting and shifting, construction site and land recla-mation machines and equipment” major took place in 2008. Five graduates received the honors degrees.

For more than twenty-five years the scientific and research work has been carried on under supervision of full professor O.H. Maslov, a scientific school “Research on machines and mechanisms functioning patterns” has also been created.

The char’s faculty and staff search for talented youth among the students with the help of subject Olympiads, students’ course projects and works competitions and writing of research papers. Thereby the winners of the first stage of the subject “Machine elements” received the winners’ diplomas and under the department’s jury recommendation were sent for the participation in the second stage of all-Ukrainian “Machine elements and the fundamentals of design” Olympiad. Consequently the students and lecturers engaged received the winners diplomas in different nominations of design and machine elements calculation.



The department head is the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Mykola Mykolayovych Moroz.

Educational building ¹3, room. 3206, Telephone: 38 (5366) Ç2017.

The department was established in 2005 and is the first one for specialists’ graduation in the field of transport technologies in the central Dnieper regions. High qualified faculty including 75% lecturers with academic ranks and degrees provides the department’s educational work.
The department head is the candidate of technical sciences and the laureate of the President of Ukraine award for young scientists Mykola Mykolayovych Moroz is engaged in scientific problems of passenger traffic in the city.

Despite their young age the department’s faculty and staff are rapidly developing and working on creation of modern research, laboratory and experimental bases for providing the specialists professional training in the field of transport technologies. Among the department’s achievements are more than one hundred of new learner’s guides, applied programs, eight manual sand one textbook.

The department’s students’ progress is one of the best at the faculty. The students take an active part in all-Ukrainian subject Olympiads of the first and second stages and have the prize winners and encouraging letters of commendation. The department has passed the 4-th level of accreditation and graduates bachelors, specialists and masters.

The main line of the department’s research work is the research and improvement of regional transport processes and systems and developing recommendations for raising the efficiency of their use. Dozens of the faculty’s scientific publications, their speeches at sci-entific conferences, authors’ claims for inventions, patents received and implemented program complexes are aimed at these goals.

The faculty’s active research work encourages the best youth and students’ involvement into research work.
Five post-graduates from among lecturers and graduates study at the department. Some diploma and master theses are being accomplished in compliance with the enterprises’ demands. The department’s students annually part in the all-Ukrainian competition of students’ research works. A group of students under supervision of associate professor D.M. Baranovskyi gained the 3-d place in such a competition.

The students’ successful studying and scientific works are promoted by the permanent faculty’s students and faculty contacts for the training process and the department’s curators’ friendly assistance.


The department head is the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Vyacheslav Leonidovych Martynov.

Educational building ¹1, room.1508, Telephone: 38 (536) 743308.

The engineering graphics department was established in 1974 under supervision of candidate of technical sciences, associate professor V.M. Servetnyk. At one time the department was headed by associate professors V.O. Galyavin, V.M. Chebenko, O,S, Vernydub and V.V. Kostin.
Under their supervision the department had passed the formation as the leading department of a pri-mary design preparation for different University majors and all the necessary methodologi-cal and software support.

Since December,1 of 2003 the department has been headed by a candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Vyacheslav Leonidovych Martynov. Under his guidance there have been established the ties and creative cooperation with the graphics departments of the leading universities of Ukraine and post-soviet states.

At the department’s computer classrooms the lab classes in computer graphics where the students using the training programs of drawings PEOM obtain the practical habits and skills of the fulfillment of COMPASS and AUTO CAD editors.

The department’s team initiated the Olympiads in descriptive geometry and computer graphics, engineering in the frameworks of the first stage of all-Ukrainian subject Olympiad. More than 100 students take part in those olympiades. Doctor of technical sciences, full professor Andriy Kovryzhyn has organized the department’s methodological seminars and the students Olympiads.

The department’s co-workers have published more than 150 o scientific papers in the leading scientific research journals and collections, received more than 40 certificates of recognition and patents for inventions.
The department has joined the Ukrainian association of the applied geometry and is the partici-pant of the international conferences of geometrical modeling and all-Ukrainian seminars. The department has successfully accomplished the state budget works connected with the geo-metric modeling of the Sun’s radiation on the verge of energy active buildings and fatigues. The scientific work of the post graduate M.M. Yatsyna’s thesis is being under way. Associ-ate professor V. L . Martynov is working on the State of Ukraine standards (DSTU), such as “Instructions on the isolation duration of the housing stock and public destination” at the development of “The branch program of the energy effectiveness raising in the construc-tion branch.”, etc.

The Scientific-research work with the students under the supervision of an associate professor V.L. Martynov is being fruitfully waged. The students take part in the international and all-Ukrainian conferences and publish articles, present reports. The second place in 2009 at the all-Ukrainian competition of the students’ scientific works in the line of “The geometrical parameters modeling of energy active buildings” (student S.M. Soloshych), and the third place in the line of “Constraction” (student D.A. Skachkov).



Pershotravneva Street, 20,
Kremenchuk, Poltava region,
room.1402, 1414, 1415.
Dean - phone: 38 (5366) 36127 ,
Dean's office - phone: 38 (5366) 32101.