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Faculty of Economics and Management

 The faculty was founded in 1997. It provides training for Bachelors, Specialists and Masters qualifying degrees in the following branches of knowledge:

Economics and Business Undertakings;
Management and Administration.

Departments: Economic Theory, Economics, Accounting and Audit, Finance and Credit, Management, Marketing.
More than 1 thousand students, forms of education: full-time, instruction by correspondence, external studies.

Fields of study
Philology; Marketing; Management.

Translation; Marketing; Commercial Activity; Management of Enterprises; Foreign Economic Activity Management.

Branches of specialists training
Providing written and oral communication and information in native and foreign languages in different branches of economy, science and culture, teaching foreign languages; production management, industrial marketing, planning and management of production and sales, management of intellectual property, personnel management, management information systems, small business management, market research (demand research and forecasting), product concept development, pricing of goods and services, distribution, development of investment, innovation and other projects as well as project management systems; optimization and risk analysis for financial, production and marketing decisions; development and operation of intelligent systems of management and design, organization of foreign economic links, analysis of some aspects of international markets.



Pushkin Boulevard, 3,
Kremenchuk, Poltava region,
room. 5201.
Dean - phone: 38 (5366) 3-11-46,
Dean's office - phone: 38 (5366) 3-60-70.