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Faculty of Natural Sciences

 Founded in 2003, it provides training for Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s qualifying degrees in the following branches of knowledge:

– Natural Sciences;
– Construction and Architecture;
– Geodesy and Organization of the Land Use.

Departments: “Ecology”, “Geodesy, Organization of the Land Use and Cadastre”, “Life Safety”, "Physics".

About 800 students. Forms of education: full-time, instruction by correspondence, external studies.

Fields of study
Ecology and Environmental Protection and Balanced Nature Management; Construction; Geodesy, Cartography and Organization of the Land Use.

Ecology and Environmental Protection (specialization – Environmental Safety Management); Urban Construction and Services; Organization of Land Use and Cadastre.


- bachelors by directions:
6.040106 - "Ecology, environment protection and balanced natural management";
6.080101 - "Geodesy, cartography and land using";
6.060101 - "Constructional engineering";

- specialists and masters of specialties:
"Ecology and environment protection";
"Land using and cadastre".

Branches of specialists training
Nature conservation activity organization, environment quality management and control, dynamics, directions, scale and reasons of changes in ecosystems and environmental human living conditions, ecological offence detection; development of settlements projects, buildings, industrial and civil structures, structural units, road and transportation infrastructure, engineering preparation of territories, engineering networks, organization and technology of construction, reconstruction of buildings, monitoring and control of buildings technical condition; carrying-out scientific research, exploratory development, production and process, and management operations in the sphere of geodesy, cartography, organization of land use and cadastre.


the Dean - Professor Volodymyr Shmandiy;
the deputy of dean - Associate Professor Volodymyr Bakharev;
the deputy of dean - Assistant Olena Nikiforova.


The Department of Ecology is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academi-cian of the Ukrainian Ecologi-cal Academy of Sciences and International Academy of Sci-ence and Industrial practices, the excellent worker of edu-cation of Ukraine


Address of the Depart-ment of Ecology: Pershotravneva St., 20, 39600, Kremenchuk, Poltava region


The Department was founded on June 22, 1995 with the aim of training specialists in the field of environmental protection. Since the incep-tion of the training Department of Ecology the main priorities of its activity are: the integration of education and science, development and im-provement of laboratory facilities, improvement of teaching body’s qualifications, primarily through the defense of PhD and doctoral thesis. Since 2004 2 doctoral and 4 PhD thesis were defended at the Department. During 2005-2010, teaching body of the Department was published 2 textbooks and 2 textbook with the stamp MONU.

The staff of the Department of Ecology consists of 2 Ph.D. Professors, 8 Ph.D. associate Professors, 2 senior lecturers and 2 assistant.


Training in the direction of “Ecology, environment protection and balanced nature man-agement” is carried out for full-time and distance forms of education (including the short-term form of education).The Department implements the system of training specialists with higher educa-tion for accredited educational and qualification levels by implementation into the training process mandated educational and vocational training pro-grams:

a) Bachelor by direction 6.040106 – “Ecology, environment protection and balanced natural management” (a term of training is 4 years for full-time training and 5 years for distance training including the short-term training program that is 3 years on the basis of educational qualifi-cation level (EQL) “Junior Specialist”).

b) Specialist on specialty 7.070801 – “Ecology and Environment Protection”, a term of study (for the full-time and distance forms of edu-cation) is 1 year on the basis of EQL “Bachelor”;

c) Master (M.A.) – the academic ex-perts on ecology speciality 8.070801 – “Ecology and Environment Protection”, a term of study (for the full-time and distance forms of education) is 1 year on the basis of EQL “Bachelor” and “Specialist”.

During training, students spend in-environmental practices, landscape-ecological practices, practical training for students, under-graduate practices, research and teaching practice.

Since 2009 the best students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences who study in the di-rection of “Ecology, environment protection and balanced natural management” have a training practice in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) in the frames of an international treaty on cooperation between the Faculty of Natural Resources of the Mateja Bela University and the Department of Natural Sciences of the Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University of Kremenchuk.
Beside of that, students and post-graduate students take part in conferences and fieldworks abroad. Such visits of students became a new stage in the development of cooperation between educational institutions and will serve the development of international activity of the De-partment of Ecology.


Researches at the Department of Ecol-ogy are held in the following areas:
1. Management of regional environmental safety.
2. Bioecological research and design of the EPF’s facilities.
The Department is co-organizer of some scientific conferences: the International Con-ference “Problems of Ecological Safety”, the In-ternational Scientific and Educational Conference “Integration of the environmental education into the global space”, the International Scientific Con-ference “Biosphere-noosphere ideas by V.I. Ver-nadskiy, and ecological, economic and humani-tarian problems of regional development”.
Since 2008, the department has published the sci-entific journal “Environmental Safety”.
In the nearest time it is planned to open a specialized scientific council on defence of the Ph.D. thesis by speciality 21.06.01 – ecological safety.

Traditionally, students and undergradu-ates of the Department of Ecology take an active part in scientific and research work on the subject-matter of Department. Considerable attention is paid to the participation of students of the Depart-ment into scientific conferences of different levels.


Dynamics of students’ and undergraduates’ publi-cations quantity of the Department of Ecology.


Students of the Department of Ecology have received prize-winning places on regular ba-sis at the All-Ukrainian students’ competitions of research works and at the All-Ukrainian students’ contests on specialty “Ecology and Environment Protection”:
- the winners of the II-d stage of All-Ukrainian students’ contests are:
in 2008 student Kodyan A.M. and un-dergraduate Gudylova A.P. were awarded by Di-plomas of the III-d and the II-d Degree; Univer-sity’s team of students Kodryan A.M. and Gudy-lova A.P. won the III-d place for the team as a whole;
in 2009 a team of students Sakun O.A. and Anufriy S.S. won the II-d place for the team as a whole; Sakun O.A. was awarded by the Diploma of the II-d Degree;
- the winners of the II-d stage of the All-Ukrainian students’ competitions of research works are:
in 2007 student Melnik Yu.S. and un-dergraduate Guchenko M.M., students Burlaka Yu.S., Gudylova A.P. were awarded by Diplomas of the III-d Degree;
in 2008 a student of the III-d Year Sa-kun O.A. was awarded by Diploma of the II-d De-gree;
in 2009 students Kodryan A.M., Sakun O.A., Kydyayeva O.M. were awarded by Diplo-mas of the I-st, II-d and III-d Degree;
in 2010, the winners of the II-d stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of student’s works became students Nechiporenko T.G. – the 1st place; Sakun O.A. – the 2d place. They were awarded by Diplomas accordingly.


Head of the Department
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Andrusenko Oleksander Mykhaylovych

Address: Pershotravneva Str., 20. 39600, Kremenchuk, Poltava region

    The development and establishment of the department of “Vital Activ-ity Safety” took place in parallel with the development of Mykhaylo Ostro-gradskiy State University of Kremenchuk. The first educational institution of higher learning in Kremenchuk was founded in 1960 as a Technical Faculty of Poltava Civil Engineering Institute.
    In May, 1972, this department was handed over the Kharkiv Road Institute, and in August, 1974, it was reorganized into Kremenchuk Branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (KB KhPI).
At the same time at the Institute it was started the teaching of discipline the «Labour Protection».
    The first teacher of this discipline was Associate Professor of the «Mechanical Engineering» department - Leonid Ivanovych Pyrogov, and from September, 1976, this discipline has been hand over to Associate Professor of the «Engineering Design» - Vladislav Oleksiyovych Glyavin, who has had significant scientific and practical experience in this direction, because previously he worked as the head of the department of labour protectionof at the Research Institute “The Salt” in Artemivsk.
     With the growth of the institution the workload and the number of teachers of this discipline was growing. Thus, since 1985 the course "La-bour Protection" began to teach Associate Professor Chebenko Valeriy Mykolayovych.
    Since 1989, Kremenchuk Branch of the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute was entering a new phase of its development that marked a qualitatively different phenomenon for Kremenchuk and its region - the training of full-time education specialists. And this time three new faculties were estab-lished: automotive, electromechanical and engineering instead of evening and correspondence faculties. A little later two new faculty were opened: economic and management.
    It caused the necessity to increase the quantity of teachers of the dis-cipline of “Labour Protection” to four ones. In 1995 by the Order of the rector of Institute, prof. Maslov V.Ye. the discipline "Labour Protection" was assigned to the Department of Ecology. In 1997 on the basis of Kremenchuk branch of the Kharkiv State Polytechnic Institute, Kryukiv engineering technical and Kremenchuk
    Automotive technical schools was created Kremenchuk State Poly-technic Institute, which became the legal successor of the branch. This increases greatly the demands on the quality of the educational process.
    By the Order of MES of Ukraine ¹ 182/200 from 20.06.1995 it has been introduced in the curricula of the new discipline - "Vital Activity Safety" and "Civil Defence". In August, 2000, on the basis of Kremenchuk Poly-technic Institute was established Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University. In the same year in the curriculum was introduced a new discipline - "La-bour protection in the industry".
    Thus, for the period until 2000 the University was established series of courses which are directed to humanize a higher education. It consists of:
    1. "Vital Activity Safety”.
    2. "Fundamentals of occupational safety”.
    3. "Labour protection in the industry."
    4. "Civil Defence".
    The staff of the department consists of 11 employees.
    Department of "Vital Activity Safety” provides the organization and conduct of the educational process on this cycle of disciplines (lectures, practical and laboratory classes, diploma project section "Labour Protec-tion") at the respective faculties of the university according to the curriculum with specific skills and specializations, with a current staff of nine teachers, among them - one doctor of technical sciences, two candidates of technical sciences.
    To increase the effectiveness of the educational process in 2000 by rector’s order it was established the department of "Vital Activity Safety and drawing”, and since November 2003 it was established a separate depart-ment “Vital Activity Safety”.
    The department is headed by Professor Glyavin V.A., and since De-cember 2003 by the decision of the Scientific Council was elected Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Andrusenko Alexander as a chair of the department.
The department provides the organization and conduct of the educa-tional process on the cycle of disciplines – “Vital Activity Safety”, “Fundamentals of occupational safety”, “Labour protection in the industry”, “Civil Defence” at the relevant university faculties, respectively curriculum with specific skills and specializations.
    Department ensures the fulfillment of the:
    - Training Program to improve the level of proficiency of the research and educational personnel through the training of doctors and candidates
of technical sciences;
    - Postgraduate programs through various forms of training scientific-pedagogical personnel and personnel of various Kremenchuk’s enterprises in the Training Center for Occupational Safety and Ecology;
    - Programs of the methodological, organizational and scientific, informa-tional and material support of educational process on the cycle of depart-ment’s disciplines;
    - Scientific researches in the areas of vital activity security and work safety on basis of state budget and the contract agreement funding.


1. Andrusenko A.N., Doc. Sci. Tech., Professor
2. Chebenko V.M., Doc.Sci. Tech., Professor
3. Glyavin V.A., PhD., professor
4. Kozlovska T.F., PhD., assoc. professor
5. Chebenko Yu.M., sr.lecturer
6. Malyshko V.I., sr.lecturer
7. Kapelko V.M., sr.lecturer
8. Sakhno A.V., assist.lecturer
9. Tsibulnik N.N., assist.lecturer
10.Zaznoba Yu.A., constr.master
11. Zamykula Yu.A, laboratory


1. Sanitary and hygienic studies of working conditions of industries in Ukraine.
2. Ways to determine the levels of risk the occupational diseases origin.
3. Development of techniques to estimate the risk of accidents at the enterprises.
4. Metrological ensuring of the technologi-cal processes as a way to improve safety work conditions.
5. Estimation of the harmful effects’ levels of physically and chemically dangerous factors of production.
6. Management of the risk components in technological processes and productions as a factor of safe working conditions forma-tion in the mining industry.
7. Studies and analysis of emergencies in Ukraine and civil protection.



1. Methods of ecological and economic efficiency esti-mation of neutralizers applica-tion in different designs of borehole charges in explosions at open quarries.
2.Methods of risk levels es-timation of occupational dis-eases origin in heavy industry.
3. Ways and methods of placing neutralizers in different designs borehole explosive charges.


Natural Sciences Faculty, Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskiy State University
Pershotravneva str, 20,
Kremenchuk, 39600
Phone: 38 (5366) 3-20-76

Physics Department is a common educational chair, which serve faculties of engineering and natural sciences of the university.

Number of specialties increasing, lecture hours of teaching physics shortening, passing to module control induce Physics Department to create own manuals, which have been adapted to teaching programs and evoke interest in physics as basis for natural sciences, engineering knowledge and production activity of humanity.

Such works deserve an attention as manual in physics for non-engineering specialties "Physics for Ecologists" (by Yelizarov OI), which obtained a stamp of Ministry of Education, "Book of Physical Problems" (by Cherepanov VP, Motriy NI, Sukachov OV, Yelizarov MO, Jurav VV), "Vector algebra and its applications in physics" (by Scobel VI) etc.
Evidence basis of physics founded first of all on experimental results, therefore lecture demonstrations have be inalienable integral part of teaching physics. Such demonstrations make any phenomenon more comprehensible, than when it is verbal describing, further best assimilation and understanding. That is why Physics Department carry out special days of lecture demonstrations, four in year. Thematically they spread all over the course of physics: "Mechanics", "Molecular physics and thermodynamics", "Electricity and magnetism", "Optics and atomic physics". Students prepare experiments for demonstrations before large audience under the teacher's guidance by themselves. Several students are envolved in each experiment's modeling and exposing as well. The lecture demonstration days is a creative and enthusiastic event, which makes the students willing for their further scientific work from the very beginning of their studying.


At last recent years scientific researches of the Physics Department's staff mostly concern to the physics chemistry and biotechnology fields and has an inclination to the ecology.
Main research directions:
- investigation of self-structuring of biology active liquids in process of its dehydratation (prof. Yelizarov OI, Yeremenko AV);
- investigation of dimensional effect of electrolytic conductivity of soils and chemography visulization of corrosion processes (prof. Yelizarov OI, Jurav VV);
- investigation of physical aspects of conversion cyanobacteria in biogas (prof. Yelizarov OI, Yelizarov MO, Lysenko OI);
- investigation of pollution of city environment by acoustic noises (Polishchuk VS).
Among other important achievments the obtain of the conditions which define the process of energy transformation from uncontrolled status to determinate form is. Also Dniper' waters improvement project via using cyanobacteria, providing biogas and organic fertilizers, was worked out.


- Geodesy, cartography and system of land tenure;
- Constructional engineering.

The history of the department

The department of geodesy, land tenure and cadastre was formed in 2001 on the base of department of theoretical mechanics. The branch of its training was 0709 “Geodesy, cartography and land tenure”. The first graduation was in 2000/2001.
The first head of the department was Khokhlov G.P, Professor, Doctor of Engineering. He provided an organisational support of bachelors’ studying during 1998-2001.
In 2001 the head of the department was Zhornyak M.S, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor. Since 2007 and up to present the head of the department is Artamonov V.V, Professor, Doctor of Engineering.


Teaching staff

3 Doctors of Sciences, 8 Candidate of Sciences, 3 Assistant Professors and 7 Assistants are working at the department. There is a post-graduate course. 2 Assistant Professors are working at doctoral dissertations.

Specialties and training levels

Nowadays the department is a part of Faculty of Natural Sciences.

At the department the students studied the following branches of training:
6.080101 Land tenure and cadastre
6.060101 – Constructional engineering.
Degree qualifications: bachelor, specialist and master. The form of studies: full-time and correspondence department, externship.

Educational work

In order to provide training of specialists and masters in specialty “Land tenure and cadastre”, 38 disciplines are taught at the department. 36 disciples are taught to provide training in specialty “Urban construction”. There are 12 special classes and rooms at the department, among them are lecture halls, studies, laboratories: SAPR, and GIS, geodesy, photogrammetry, geocamera. The studying area of the department is 721,7 m2.
Practice facilities:
- land tenure polygon in the village of Kamyani Potoky,- construction and geodesy polygon at Rynkovskyi base.

The laboratories and studies are provided with modern geodesic equipment: GPS-receivers, electronic tachometers 3TaK, theodolites 2T30Ï; theodolites 2T5K; theodolites 3T5K; theodolites TÁ1; levels H-05; levels H-3; levels 2H-3Ë, levels H-10ÊË and other devices and equipment. The modern equipment of some enterprises and organizations (Poltavsky ore-dressing and processing enterprise, private enterprise “Asymut”, private enterprise “Geoinform” and others) are used in the process of studying. The department staff published 256 workbooks for students’ studies.

Scientific work

The research works of the department of geodesy, land tenure and cadastre are closely connected with educational process and carried out concerning the following scientific problems:

- resource-saving technologies in the projection, land tenure and construction;
- new technologies in the preparation of natural water and waste-water treatment;
- geobotanical prospecting and cartography of natural territories and objects;
- modern approaches in the formation of regional, state and international nature conservation territories;
- geodesic prospection in the land tenure and cadastre works;
- geodesic measurement accuracy during carrying out cadastre and land tenure prospecting;
- land cadastre condition.
The teachers of the department take an active part in the international and regional conferences and seminars (Belgium, Algeria, Poland, Belarus etc.)
Over a period 1998-2010 staff of the department have published more than 300 scientific studies. It has been published 8 monographs, 11 educational supplies. Also the staff of the department registered 14 patents in the State Register of Ukrainian useful model patents.

International cooperation

The department of geodesy, land tenure and cadastre communicates regularly with higher educational establishments of Ukraine and foreign countries. Particularly, since 2005 the cooperative research studies have been carried out with the local authorities of province Hainaut, Mons (Belgium). The representative of university from Annaba defended his Doctor’s dissertation (2006) by means of materials of cooperative research studies.
The rectification technologies are introduced in other countries, particularly in Belgium within the scope of Poltava region and province Hainaut cooperation.



Pershotravneva Street, 20,
Kremenchuk, Poltava region,
room.7515, 7516.

Dean's office - phone: 38 (536) 741115.