Rules for admission of foreigners and non-residents for study at the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostohradskyi National University


Admission for study is carried out on the basis of the Contract signed by the University administration and the applicant.

Training is delivered in the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.

Training in English is possible if there is a whole group (no less than 10-12 students).

The accommodation fee is determined by campus administration.

For receiving the invitation to study:

- candidates have to fill in an application form and send it to e-mail (, or to fax-number +380 (5366) 3-60-00 with a request for entering University;

- candidates have to send copies of the passport and the school leaving certificate with marks (grades);

- after all these procedures the invitation to study in Ukraine will be drawn up.

For receiving entry visa (D) for studying in Ukraine (KrNU in particular):

- candidates have to send a request and University's invitation to The Embassy of Ukraine in their own or a foreign country by filling in an application form to get an entry visa for studying in Ukraine;

- after receiving the entry visa (D) in the Embassy of Ukraine for studying, please inform the International Relation Department about the date of your arrival to Ukraine and your flight number via e-mail or the following tel.

Requirements to Applicants:

- secondary education;

- satisfactory level of health.

Address: vul.Pershotravneva , 20
Kremenchuk, 39600, Ukraine
Rector's office: +380 (5366) 3-62-19
Admission Board: +380 (5366) 3-20-02,
International Relation Office: +380 (5366) 2-20-51,
Official Website of the KrNU: