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The Newspaper of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostohradskyi National University

"With name of Ostrohradskyi"

Was founded in 2000, 2nd of March.   

Address editorial: Kremenchuk, Pershotravneva Street, 20.

Phone number: (0536) 75-84-35 from 9-00 until 12-00.


Editor Sergiyenko Valentyna Vasylivna.

Corrector Ryabenka Lyudmila

Certificate of registration PL 407 from 25.05.2001.

The editors do not always share the opinion of their authors. Responsibility for the publications content is on their authors. Copyrighted material will not be reviewed and do not come back.

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You are welcome for cooperation

The editorial board of the newspaper "With the name of Ostrohradskyi" is looking for creative cooperation with everyone wishing to try their journalistic talents. The student newspaper is published every month, and there's always a page for interesting and meaningful information from our correspondents. Contact us about the successes and challenges, activities, events in groups, faculties or university, an incredible stories, cheerful cases and adventures.
Your suggestions and messages can be sent to the student councils and union committees of faculty or university.