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The origins of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University date back to 1921, when the first higher education institution was founded in the city of Kremenchuk. These were the Kremenchuk Higher Pedagogical Courses with the Ukrainian language of education. According to their legal status, they were equated with technical schools, which were considered to be higher educational institutions.

Later, since 1925, the courses were reorganized into the Kremenchuk Pedagogical Technical College, which had daytime and evening study of three departments: preschool, school, and children's communist movement. Kremenchuk Pedagogical Technical College trained preschool teachers, junior school teachers, and pioneer leaders.

In September 1930, by resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of Ukraine, the Kremenchuk Institute of Social Education was opened on the same base. The institute had one school faculty consisting of four departments: agrobiological, language-literary, technical-mathematical and historical-economic with daytime, evening and extramural forms of education.

In 1934, the Kremenchuk Institute of Social Education was reorganized into the Kremenchuk Teachers' Institute.

In March 1939, a decision was made to reorganize the teachers' institute into a pedagogical one. As of September 1940, there were 942 full-time and part-time students studying at the teachers' institute, 208 - first year students. More than 100 teachers worked at the institution, including two professors.

Thus, the first higher educational institution in Kremenchuk existed from September 1921 to June 1941. Unfortunately, the Second World War interrupted the development of higher education in the city. And only in 1960, its restoration began with the creation of the general technical faculty of the Poltava Institute of Agricultural Construction Engineers. In 1971, the faculty was subordinated to the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway Institute. At that time, it had 854 students, the educational process was provided by 24 teachers, including seven associate professors.

By 1974, the number of students increased 2.5 times, and the number of teachers tripled. This year, the Kremenchuk general technical faculty is being reorganized into the Kremenchuk branch of the Kharkiv State Polytechnic Institute. Two periods are distinguished in the work of the branch: the training of specialists in the evening and extramural forms of education (1974-1989) and the opening of the full-time branch (1989-1997).

On August 21, 1997, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Resolution "On the establishment of the Kremenchuk State Polytechnic Institute" on the basis of the Kremenchuk branch of the Kharkiv State Polytechnic University, the Kryukiv Machine-Building and Kremenchuk Automechanic Technical Schools. Its first rector was a professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of National Progress of Ukraine, "Honored Education Worker of Ukraine", Honored citizen of Kremenchuk Volodymyr Yeliseyovych Maslov, who was at the origin of the institute. The structure of the institute consisted of seven faculties and 17 departments. Three years later, it was reorganized into the Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University, and a year later it was accredited as a higher educational institution of III-IV levels of accreditation, which was a recognition of the high level of organization of the educational process, the quality of specialist training, and scientific research. During this time, our higher educational institution provided the industrial enterprises of the city and the Dnipro region with highly professional specialists, forming the technical elite of the region.

From the first steps of its existence, our university receives public recognition and well-deserved state awards. In 2001, the university was awarded the Gold Medal for the victory in the "University of the 21st Century" nomination of the European Committee of Public Organizations. In the same year, it became a laureate of the International Academic Ranking of Popularity and Quality "Golden Fortune" in the category "Quality of the Third Millennium" with the presentation of a Diploma and a Silver Stele. In January 2002, Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University became a laureate of the "One Hundred Best Enterprises of Ukraine" rating in the "Education" category.

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" in November 2002, the first election of a new rector was held. The team elected Mykhaylo Zagirnyak - Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Knight of the Order of Merit the III degree, Master of Sports in Mountaineering - to this position by a majority of votes from among several applicants. This event opened a new page in the history of the university. The strategic task that M. Zagirnyak set before the team immediately after his election was to achieve special indicators that would allow the higher educational institution to apply for the IV level of accreditation. As a result, on April 21, 2006, a meeting of the State Accreditation Commission was held, which, taking into account the achieved level and high dynamics of development, made a decision to grant Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University the status of a higher educational institution of the IV accreditation level. By order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 92, from March 7, 2007, Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University was named after Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi.

In August 2009, our educational institution became the first classical university in Poltava region. On August 21, 2010, by decree of the President of Ukraine No. 863/2010, Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi State University was granted national status. In 2011, the university confirmed the highest IV level of accreditation.


KrNU is a unity of the best traditions of classical education
and the innovative technologies

The strategic task of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University (KrNU) is to increase the accessibility, quality and competitiveness of university education and science in new economic and socio-cultural conditions in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development of society. As well as the autonomy of university activities by expanding self-management rights, increasing the mobility of students of higher education and the competitiveness of graduates on the labor market in the conditions of European integration.

As of today, the educational process at KrNU is provided by:
- two educational and scientific institutes (the Institute of Education and Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, the Institute of Education and Science in Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Natural Sciences);
- two faculties (the Faculty of Economics and Management, the Faculty of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences);
- two colleges (Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University Polytechnic College, Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University College);
- 20 departments.

KrNU prepares:
- junior professional bachelors;
- bachelors;
- masters;
- doctors of philosophy (PhD).

Also, the Center for Advanced Qualification and Professional Adaptation operates at the University for the Services of school graduates, teachers of vocational schools, scientific and pedagogical workers of higher education institutions, and college teachers.

The university's graduate school prepares doctors of philosophy in 12 educational and scientific programs from nine fields of knowledge. Doctoral training prepares specialists to obtain the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences in 8 specialties. The university has two specialized scientific councils for the defense of doctoral dissertations (in six fields of science). About five thousand full-time and part-time students study at KrNU every year; colleges provide educational services to more than a thousand students annually.

Teaching staff

The educational process at the university is provided by 322 teachers, including 54 doctors of science, 34 professors, 148 candidates of science and 114 associate professors. And also - 9 academicians, 7 corresponding members of branch Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, 12 holders of honorary state titles, six laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, three laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of education.

Among the young scientists of KrNU are 38 laureates of the Prize of the President of Ukraine, the Prize of the Supreme Council of Ukraine and scholarship holders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists. Currently, 85% of Kremenchuk scientists are concentrated in the university.


The university works purposefully on the implementation of state policy priorities - in particular, on expanding the access of young people to quality higher education. In recent years, the number of training areas in the educational institution has doubled; the number of educational programs has increased from 18 to 30. Considerable attention is paid to informatization of the educational process, organization and ensuring independent work of students.

The method of learning a professional foreign language and forming the skills and abilities of independent work with English-language professional literature has been developed and is widely used. The introduction of computerized control hardware and diagnostic complexes into the laboratory practice and the creation of virtual hardware and software complexes based on the technology of virtual tools leads to a new qualitative level of training of the future specialist.

At the same time, the rectorate is working on strengthening the material and technical base of the university, which is developing in accordance with the needs of new specialties. The educational process is carried out in 9 educational buildings, where 58 specialized laboratories, two video classrooms and 30 computer classrooms are located. Classrooms are equipped with 625 computers, more than 500 of which are less than eight years old and are connected to the global Internet computer network. A canteen is available to students; student cafe; concert hall; three dormitories united in a student town.

Research activities

Departments of the university make efforts to ensure the unity of the content of education and programs of scientific activity, to expand the participation of scientific and pedagogical workers in scientific research works. Thus, scientific developments of the "Automatic control and electric drive systems" department on the problems of energy saving, diagnostics and monitoring of electromechanical systems caused interest and wide resonance in Ukraine.

The process of forming a modern scientist is ensured by seven scientific schools:
  Electromagnetic and electromechanical processes in electric machines and devices (supervisor - Mykhaylo Vasyliovych Zagirnyak, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, active member (academician) of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine);
  Explosion mechanics and resource-saving ecologically reliable technologies of controlled explosive destruction of rocks (scientific supervisor - Viktor Vasyliovych Vorobyov, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor);
  Management of the quality of energy conversion, monitoring and diagnostics in electrical systems. Interdisciplinary research on the interaction of computer technologies and the training of specialists in electrical engineering (scientific supervisor - Dmytro Yosypovych Rodkin, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Black Oleksiy Petrovych, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor);
  Nanoscale semiconductor structures, intelligent devices based on them, automation of technology for the production of semiconductors and photoelectric converters of solar energy (supervisor - Oksanych Anatoliy Petrovych, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor);
  Optimization of processes of sheet stamping and impulse processing of materials (scientific supervisor - Volodymyr Vyacheslavovych Dragobetsky, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine);
  Study of the regularities of the functioning of dynamic systems and mechanisms (scientific leader - Yuliya Sergiivna Salenko, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor);
  Management of regional ecological security (supervisor - Shmandiy Volodymyr Mykhailovych, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor).

Under the leadership of KrNU Rector, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor M. V. Zahirnyak, together with scientists from the University of Lublin, the joint Ukrainian-Slovenian research project "Soft Magnetic Composites in the Design of Electromagnetic Structures" was successfully implemented.

KrNU, as part of an international consortium, became a partner of the "VOLTCAR" grant proposal, which was submitted to the competition in the "Research and innovation activities" section of the EU program "Horizon Europe" under the topic HORIZON-CL5-2022-D5-01-09 "Nextgen electric vehicle components: highly efficient and inexpensive electric motors, with recycling and low use of rare resources" (2ZERO).

Currently, more than 800 students are involved in research work at the university. The achievements of 2021 show that our university is rightly considered one of the most authoritative scientific centers of the country - because in the II round of the All-Ukrainian Student Research Paper Competition, the jury awarded prizes to 76 scientific papers of our students.

The university also holds 15-17 international conferences every year. KrNU acts as a funder of some of them. The materials of the annual MEES International Conference, the founder of which is KrNU, are indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science scientometric databases.

KrNU participates in the international rating projects of the companies Quacquarewlli Symonds (QS World University Rankings) and Thomson Reuters (THE World University Rankings), is one of 38 universities of Ukraine included in the Top-Universities (QS) project.

International activity

Kremenchuk National University cooperates with 92 foreign higher education institutions and research institutes in 28 countries, maintains professional relations with numerous scientific, educational, industrial institutions of other countries, international educational organizations, programs and funds, in particular: the Fulbright Academic Exchange Program, the Council of International Scientific of Research and Exchange (IREX), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine, British Council, European Research Coordination Agency (EUREKA), Open World Program, Horizon Europe.

KrNU is a full member of the most authoritative academic associations in Europe and the world, in particular:

- European Universities Association;
- International Association of Universities;
- Black Sea Universities Network;
- Eurasian Universities Association.

The Center for International Activity is actively working at the university. Thanks to the effective cooperation of KrNU with foreign educational institutions, our students have the opportunity to intern at universities in Canada, Germany, France, Poland, China, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, etc.

Professional publications

The leading professional publication, which publishes the most important developments and achievements of scientists of the university and other educational institutions and scientific institutions of Ukraine, is "Transactions of the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University".

The journal is reviewed by the VINITI abstract journal and database (Russian Academy of Science), global serials directory "ULRICH'S PERIODICALS DIRECTORY", databases "INDEX COPERNICUS", "POLISH SCHOLARLY BIBLIOGRAPHY" and "INSPEC", and national database "UKRAINIKA NAUKOVA" ("DZHERELO" abstract journal). Our journal has applied for being included to the international abstract and citation database "SCOPUS".

The university also publishes four more specialized scientific journals - printed editions "Electromechanical and energy saving systems", "Environmental safety" and "Electromechanics, energy saving, and automatic control systems" and the electronic scientific and practical journal "Engineering and educational technologies at electrical and computer systems". The number of scientific publications of university employees is more than 500 per year. The publication activity of KrNU is indicated by a high citation index h = 34 (Hirsch index).


The university has a large library and three reading rooms in academic buildings. As well as the hall of the electronic library and the DC office, equipped with the most modern computer equipment.

The library's document fund contains about 310,000 paper copies of publications and about 265,000 electronic copies (note: titles of books, articles, methodological developments, individual chapters, reviews, etc.).

The university library subscribes to 50 periodicals. Disclosure of document resources takes place by replenishing the electronic catalog, the database of which consists of about 185,000 records. The library's electronic catalog is supplemented with bibliographic descriptions of individual articles in periodicals and scientific journals.

The library fund is universal. The majority of the fund is educational and teaching-methodical literature, followed by scientific literature. The fund was formed in accordance with the profile of the university and the needs of users.

The library fund provides complete, high-quality and prompt library and bibliographic and information services for students, graduate students, professors and teaching staff, researchers, university employees and other categories of users in accordance with their information requests.

The electronic library has more than 100 Gb of literature, the bandwidth of the Internet channel is 200 Mbit. The university has free access to databases Scopus s Web of Sciences CC.


KrNU has its own sports and health facilities: three sports halls, a water sports complex, the "Polytechnic" sports complex with an indoor track and field arena and a football and track and field stadium with stands for 11,350 seats; a rowing and sports and health facility on the bank of the Dnipro, as well as the only climbing ramp in the Poltava region. It is at this climbing site that regional and national climbing competitions for children and youth are held every year.

The university is proud of its student Yaroslav Tkach, who won a gold medal at the European Cup in speed climbing in the spring of 2022. Yaroslav is a master of sports, winner of the 2021 European Cup and the 2019 European Youth Cup.

On the basis of the university sports complex, 20 sections of sports improvement are constantly operating. Student national teams of KrNU take part in the summer Universiade of Poltava region every year, where prize places are chosen. Also, 8-12 students annually participate in international competitions, and 15-20 students represent the university at the all-Ukrainian level and win championship titles.

Student Life

The teaching staff of the university implements a student-oriented internal policy. Students acquire the skills of management, teamwork, decision-making and their implementation in student self-government bodies - student councils and trade unions. Student activity implements interesting forms of work: it holds contests "The best student group of the faculty", "Student of the year", charity events, information events aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, etc. KrNU students are very active in volunteering. In peacetime, they participated every year in large-scale charity events "Heart to Heart" and "St. Nicholas for Children", visited Kremenchuk boarding schools with concert programs and gifts, etc. After the start of the full-scale war unleashed by russia, KrNU students help displaced people, unload humanitarian transports, weave camouflage nets for the military, and go out to work every day on a voluntary basis at the Center for Temporary Stay for Internally Displaced Persons and the Humanitarian Hub.

The university has created conditions for interesting leisure activities of students, which are taken care of by the department of cultural and mass work together with the student council, the student trade union committee and the public student cultural center "Art Club". Students have the opportunity to realize their talents in 19 creative clubs and teams: vocal, dance, student theater, intellectual games club, debate club, etc.

Four student art groups already have the title of national. These are the vocal-instrumental group "Quintesentsia", the vocal studio "Dominanta", the student theater "Lileya" and the studio of choreography and plastic arts "On the border between".

Thanks to the talented student groups, the University Days, the Days of Institutes and Faculties, as well as the annual student amateur art festival "Student Spring" are interestingly held at KrNU. Over time, traditions of holding literary and artistic meetings and thematic evenings of relaxation have developed.


The creative potential of the university's pedagogical and scientific staff, material and technical and laboratory bases, extensive contacts with industrial enterprises, permanent ties with leading Ukrainian and foreign higher educational institutions allow training of specialists at the highest modern level.

In recent years, the dynamic development of the university has contributed to its recognition both by Ukrainian society and the state, and by the international scientific community.

The national recognition of KrNU is evidenced by the third place among higher education institutions of Ukraine in terms of the number of prize-winners of the II stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works. In the Consolidated rating of the independent Internet resource OSVITA.UA, the university took the 59-60 position.

The recognition of Kremenchuk National University at the international level is confirmed by influential world rankings. According to the Quacquarelli Symonds international rating (QS rating), KrNU is one of 20 higher education institutions of Ukraine included in the Top Universities Ukraine (QS) project.

The university is also included in the TOP-300 ranking of Emerging Europe and Central Asia (QS) and participates in the international rating project of Thomson Reuters (in THE World University Rankings, it ranks eighth among 15 higher education institutions of Ukraine, which were included in the specified rating). KrNU took 66th place in the U-Multirank international ranking of higher education institutions. According to the Quacquarelli Symonds world ranking, KrNU ranks 23ed.

Indicators of KrNU in international and national rankings

Thus, at present, Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University successfully combines the best traditions of domestic university education, world experience and modern requirements for education in the conditions of globalization.