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to study to acquire the following educative degrees
Bachelor, Master, Specialist, academic level of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
for the period of 20162017 yy.

The documents are to be submitted
from July 11 to October 25, 2016 and
from November 15, 2016 to February 25, 2017

Admission is carried out until October 30, 2016 and
February 28, 2017 accordingly

Last news

A new ranking acquisitions of scientists from Institute of Electromechanics, Energy Saving and Automatic Control Systems KrNU
Rector of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrohradskyi National University, professor of Electric Machines and Devices department Mykhailo Zagirnyak, associate professor of Electric Machines and Devices department Viacheslav Prus and associate professor of Systems of Automatic Control and Electric Drive department Dmytro Mamchur took part in a series of international scientific events. >>>

Second year in a row Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University (KrNU) included in the QS TOP 200 Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA). This ranking is presented by QS Quacquarelli Symonds Corporation, which is one of the leading global providers of specialist higher education and careers information and solutions. This ranking first came to life in 2014, and was compiled to fulfill the necessary purpose of recognizing the rapidly developing academic excellence in the region. >>>

Cooperation with the Lublin Polytechnic University Lublin (Poland)
From 9-th till 11-th April this a delegation of "Lublin Polytechnic" University Lublin (Poland) visited us. The aim of visit was acquaintance with the educational and scientific potential of the University, discussing the future joint projects, in particular - dual certification programs and further development of cooperation between our institutions. >>>

Trainings of teachers of Economics and Management Faculty in the Czech Republic
Within the framework of the existing cooperation agreement the professors of Economics and Management Faculty Kasych A.O, the Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, the Head of the accounting, analysis and audit department and Khovrak I.V, the Candidate of Economics, docent, assistant professor of finance and credit department were trained at the Institute of Technology and business (c. Czeske Budejovice, Czech Republic). >>>

Results of the 2nd stage of Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Computer Engineering for specialty
According to the decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 1247 27.11.2015 "On a ukrainian student competition in the 2015/2016 academic year" in Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University at the department of "Computer and Information Systems" 14-18 March 2016 passed the second stage of Ukrainian student Olympiad in Computer engineering for specialty "Computer systems and networks". >>>

KrNU participation in Ukraine Higher Education Leadership Development Programme
The first stage of Ukraine Higher Education Leadership Development Programme (further the Programme), Development Centre, took place on the 2nd of March 2016 in Kyiv. 12 universities including Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University had been selected for participation in the Programme in 2016/17 academic year. >>>

The International Day of Human Rights
When we pronounce the expression "human rights", it usually refers to a small set of rights and freedoms, which are often referred to fundamental rights and freedoms. Without these rights can not be normal existence and development of human society. Frequently also called constitutional rights that is they that are enshrined in the constitution. There is a clear list of basic human rights is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN on Dec. 10, 1948. >>>

Student Government conducted an action dedicated to the Day AIDS awareness
The first day of winter in Kremenchuk University began with the event of World AIDS awareness Day, each year the student union committee provides information on acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, gives everyone the means of individual protection and flyers with the information. This year, activists also carried out a survey on students` knowledge of their means of transmission of HIV / AIDS and protection methods. >>>

Hospital cheering concert for the Ukrainian Armed Forces day
On the December 4th, Day Armed Forces of Ukraine, activists from the student union of the University and members of the art club "Student" visited hospital for the disabled veterans with a concert program. Medicine and meat were purchased for the wounded soldiers because proteins are needed for the recovery, and the rate of food, which is given by the state for the soldiers is very low. >>>

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty Studios of the Eastern Europe .
December 5, 2015 at 14.00, the assistant professor of sectoral Legal Sciences Department Eugene Gorlov, who is a graduate of the Summer School in 2015, and an intern of Ivan Vyhovskyi award under the patronage of the President of Poland in 2015/2016 years, was invited to the Senate Hall of the University of Warsaw, on the occasion of celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty Studios of the Eastern Europe . >>>

First Round of the student Olympics of computer graphics
The first round of the student Olympics of computer graphics was held on November 28. The participants were the students of first-third year of education. >>>

The achievements of the Information and Control Systems
The achievements of the "Information and Control Systems" department in scientific themes Med IUS Department of ICS, in conjunction with the railway hospital is working on the research work "Med IUS. The first results have been received. >>>

Four university teams and guests from Komsomolsk competed in the autumn KrNU KVN League Cup.
Unforgettable emotions, reckless drive and excellent mood prevailed on November 26 in the assembly hall of the fifth corps - because what else can you expect from "Autumn Cup KVN KrNU"? Funny hosts - Kirill Wolny and Vitaly Kuvannikov - immediately charged the crowd and set up positive mood for a humor. To compete for the cup of laugh this year dared five teams: "Kapustnyak" which came on the scene for the first time, but rather confidently defended their dignity; "DS" - funny tandem that came to visit us from Komsomolsk; "Kto sverhy" - team of bright boys and girls, striking with their enthusiasm from the first minute; "Okraina", the team of boys with huge baggage of charisma and unexpected characters, and, of course, frenzied "KBD" ,the girlish KrNU team. >>>

Scientific developments
Scientists of the information and control systems department of KrNU have developed a new way and produced a device for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, based on pulsed magnetic fields of high intensity >>>

Best academic group competition
Best academic group competition For the Students day, Kremenchug National University held a competition for the best academic group. At 5 p.m., candidates and their cheerleaders gathered in the assembly hall of the fifth corps to prove, that they are the best. >>>

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