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Scientific and research divisions



        Scientific Research Department (SRD) is a subdivision of the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National university (KrNU), it was established to carry out the basic and applied research at the expense of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds, also for scientific research, technological development and design at the expense of economic contracts with enterprises and organizations.

       Scientific Research Department is a major subdivision in organization of the scientific research, scientific events, publishing scientific periodicals and other scientific and technical activities of the university. Four research-and-development, study-and-methodological centers and 19 research laboratory are subordinated to the SRD.


In its activities, the SRD is guided by laws of Ukraine "On Education", "The scientific and technical activities", regulatory acts of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the charter of KrNU, orders and directions of KrNU Rector, Regulations "On the organization of research work in KrNU" and "Scientific Research Department of KrNU. The latter regulates the internal self-supporting relationships and connection between structural units of SRD within a university.

Staff and contacts:

1. Nykyforov V. V. - First vice-rector, room: 1209, Tel.: (0536) 75-83-67,

2. Latysheva V. V. - Head of Scientific Research Department, room: 1302,

3. Yaryna N. M. - Senior Specialist, room: 1302,

4. Bulay O. O. - 1st category Specialist, room: 1302,

5. Lashko Ye. Ye. - Specialist, room: 1302,

6. Soloshych I. O. - responsible for the scientific work of students, young scientists and postgraduate students in KrNU, room: 4207, -mail:

7. Bila Ya. V. - Specialist, room: 1302

Postal address: 39600, 20, Pershotravneva Street, Kremenchuk, room: 1302